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Welcome to the website for Australian Discworld Conventions. The next convention is Nullus Anxietas V.

Nullus Anxietas V will be held in Sydney on 10-12 April 2015 at the Novotel Parramatta, Parramatta, NSW.

If you want to keep in touch with other Australian Discworld fans, find your local fan club and get involved! If there isn't one in your area, why not start one?

Our last convention was the Nullus Anxietas IV held in Melbourne, 8-10 March 2013 at Bell Rydges, Preston. Check out photos from our previous conventions.

Latest News

First Production for Nullus Anxietas V Announced

Are There Stars In Your Eyes?

by Sacharissa Cripslock.

Excited rumblings are emerging from Holy Wood with the announcement of the first production for Nullus Anxietas V.  In a press conference today, Productions Mistress, Joanne Van Raaphorst confirmed:

"Here's your chance to let the stars shine in your eyes. Can you sing? Dance? Recite poetry? Act a scene? Perform magic? Are you a mime? Do you have an act that's not quite complete? Or one that we may not particularly want to see performed? Then this is your chance ..."

Seamstresses (ones who can sew), Costumers, Singers, Dancers, Actors ...

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Fir Wood Studios

Fir Wood Studios is the most innovative of the clickie studios, first to use colour, and the first to add sound* quickly tired of comedy and romance and delved into the darker areas of storytelling to produce a number of outstanding octocellulose noir, including the famous "Agatean Pointless Albatross", and “Genua” which gave us the oft misquoted “Play it again Sham”.

* Unsuccessfully utilising Howondaland Green parrots, which remembered everything they heard, rejoiced in adlibbing any sounds they had heard (or had been taught), and thus brief snatches of romantic dialogue would be punctuated with cries of 'Waaaarrrk ...

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NAV Upcoming Events

Information leaked from behind the scenes of Nullus Anxietas V suggests that some exciting events have been confirmed for the weekend.       The Programme of Events is a living, breathing and ever-growing beast and is continually being updated.   However you can rely on your Holy Wood correspondents to advise you whenever we learn of an update.    To always be on the cutting edge of the envelope, make sure you sign up for the Ankh Morpork Times mailing list.

Below is a small, teasing sample of the events announced:

Chainmaille Craft Class

Our tame Mad Maillers will show you the fine and ...

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