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Welcome to the website for Australian Discworld Conventions. The next convention is Nullus Anxietas V.

Nullus Anxietas V will be held in Sydney on 10-12 April 2015 at the Novotel Parramatta, Parramatta, NSW.

If you want to keep in touch with other Australian Discworld fans, find your local fan club and get involved! If there isn't one in your area, why not start one?

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Floating Bladder Pictures

Floating Bladder Pictures was late in establishing itself as a clickies studio, formed by a group of young men from the Fools Guild who wanted to explore forms of humour unsanctioned by the Bumper Fun Grimoire. Not for them the bucket of whitewash or the bladder on a stick, instead they seek to produce humour on a grand scale, with collapsing barns, coach chases, and a bow legged man with a walking stick and little dog.


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A Night of A Thousand Stars...

Nullus Anxietas V - Gala Dinner Event

by Sacharissa Cripslock

The rumour mill in Holy Wood has been churning for months, dear readers, but finally I, your faithful correspondent, have been able to confirm the most anticipated Holy Wood event of the year 

Erika, Gala Dinner Hostess with the Mostest, has announced that tickets for the Holy Wood social event of the year are available to you now, for the incredibly low price of $65 per person.   Your Gala Dinner ticket includes dinner* (a sumptuous two course buffet that includes assorted hot dishes*, breads, salads and side dishes followed by ...

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Boarding House Rates Released

Location Manager Declares "We're Cutting Our Own Throats"!

Location Scout and Boarding House Mistress Kelly (who bears an uncanny resemblence to the famous medium-verging-on-small Mrs Cake) has announced the fabulous deal available with the local hotelier to Holy Wood, Novotel Parramatta.  This is truly Quirmian Champagne accommodation on a Turbots Old Peculiar budget!

Rumours that Kelly utilised the cut-throat negotiation skills of Gaspode "Deep Bone" are as yet unsubstantiated, although nearby sources have said: "Woof."

In order to benefit from this amazing deal, you must sign up or log in to the Nullus Anxietas website to view the accommodation ...

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