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Departing Soon

Only FIVE weeks until our tour gets under way! I hope everyone has started planning their packing list!

These updates will be coming weekly until the convention, just to make sure you've always got the latest news.

Last chance offers!

Under Construction

With only seven weeks to go until the convention, our construction of the Discworld Grand Tour and its timetable (of activities) is well under way. Unfortunately, a spanner just got thrown in the works of our engine(see below) but we will still steam on and ensure that your tour goes ahead with as little deviation to the route as possible.

Venue Renovations

The Lakes Resort Hotel has just told us that they will be undergoing renovations during the time that the convention will be running. This is indeed unfortunate, and messes with the tour plans, but we will persevere ...

Your tour needs YOU!

Many Volunteers Required!

With only two months left until the convention, The Discworld Grand Tour needs YOUR help!

We need quite a few volunteers to help out with specific (or general) jobs, and everyone who helps out will get a special reward for doing so!

Please complete the volunteer form on this page if you are willing to help out with any of the jobs listed below. (If you have previously filled out the form but haven't been contacted about a specific job, please submit it again!)

Join Otto Chreik's Press Corpse

If you have the skills behind ...