Au Revoir!


The Ship has Docked and the Tour is over!

Well, wasn't that a wonderful weekend of whimsy, wizardry, and... werewolves? We hope you have enjoyed all that the Discworld has to offer in this amazing Grand Tour!

Thank you to our special guests Stephen Briggs, Daniel Knight, David Lloyd and Martin Pearson, our virtual guests Ian Stewart, Ray Friesen, and the Discworld Emporium, to Rob Wilkins and Colin Smythe, to Unseen Theatre Company, Hot for Joe Morris Dancers, Steamkittens, Susan Lonie, Matt Falloon, and all our volunteers, activity organisers, first aiders, security, press corpse, games teachers, gophers and anyone else who helped out. Thanks to all who bidded so generously at the charity auction raising over $9000 for the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation and Alzheimer's Australia SA. And of course, thanks to you, our amazing team of tourists!

Some of us are still heading out on the Gourmet and Wine Tours today, just for that last little extra bit of fun!

Let us know your thoughts!

For those who attended The DIscworld Grand Tour, we would love to know what you thought! We've put together a (hopefully) quick survey so you can let us know how we did, and what you might like to see at future Australian Discworld Conventions.

You can find the survey here - please help us out and fill it in as soon as possible

Share your iconographs and clickies with us

Thanks for all the amazing iconographs that you, our lovely tourists, have taken and tagged with #ausdwcon, whether for Passport stamps or just for fun. Feel free to share more via social media with #ausdwcon, but if you are willing, please also upload your photos to Flickr and add them to the Australian Discworld Convention 2017 Flickr group.

A gallery of existing pictures can be found on our website from this and all previous conventions.

If you require assistance with using Flickr, please get in contact with us and we'll do our best to help you out.

If you have video footage that you are happy for us to upload to our Youtube Channel, please also get in contact and we can work out the best way to do this. (You are also welcome to put your videos up on your own channels, of course!)

So, where to for our next trip?

The secret is out... Nullus Anxietas VII will indeed be happening in 2019! This time, it's back to Melbourne, where the Australian Discworld Conventions all started 10 years ago. If you're super keen to make sure you get a spot at the next amazing convention, you can buy your supporting membership RIGHT NOW!

More information about Nullus Anxietas VII will be revealed in a few months' time, so make sure you're subscribed to the mailing list to hear the news first!

Thank you all, and farewell!