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Good morning/afternoon/afterlife/other Posties!

Welcome to your exciting August September update. We are now well over 230 postal workers joining us at the upcoming convention!  Do you know what that means!  You are not alone...

We are now getting to the fun part of the process- organising sessions to run. But here's the thing.These sessions don't run themselves. We are a simple group of sucker- I mean volunteers who are organising this thing. From feeding the imps for the webpage to dealing with the denziens from the Dungeon Dimensions [1] and signing contracts full of legalese the Auditors would be proud of.  But we can't do everything on the day. Not unless you want to see a group of people sitting in the corner and gulping dried frog pills like they are Tictacs by the time the Maskarade rolls around!

We're looking for people who can help do things or run things at the convention. What things? Well head on over to the webpage and have a look.Think you can organise a making thing? Can you talk about a thing? Teach a skill? Email us at and tell us what you can do. A number of regular items are already being organised by enthusiastic fans, which is why you won't see them on this list.  However if you think we may have missed something, or just want to help out with your favourite items, then please send your mail to:

Snowgum Film News

TROLL BRIDGE is now submitting to film festivals worldwide.

An old barbarian and his talking horse, embark on a suicidal quest to battle a bridge troll.

15 years in the making TROLL BRIDGE is an ambitious odyssey of work in bringing Terry Pratchett’s Discworld to cinematic life.


TROLL BRIDGE exists because an awful lot of people around the world though it should.

Special thanks to The Pratchett Estate,, The Foundry, Shotgun Software, GarageFarm.NET Render FarmGolaem, our 400+ volunteer pool, and over 2,000 backers. Every frame pressed with love – this is your production.

Official Website:

Help us get the word out - this bridge now ready for crossing!

#SpeakHisName #GNUTerryPratchett


[1] Banks