Departing Soon


Only FIVE weeks until our tour gets under way! I hope everyone has started planning their packing list!

These updates will be coming weekly until the convention, just to make sure you've always got the latest news.

Last chance offers!

Supporters - it's time to upgrade!

Did you buy a Supporting Membership in the hope of attending the convention? Well, now it's crunch time - you will need to upgrade by July 21st in order to attend - but we'd appreciate if you did it just a touch earlier! If you now can't attend the convention, please contact us RIGHT NOW so that your ticket can be sold on to someone on the waiting list. We can't facilitate any transfers that arrive too late - so you'll be out of pocket and someone who really wants to be at the convention will miss out, which is pretty disappointing for everyone involved.

Get in the Games!

Do you have games you are willing to lend to Mr Shine's Thud Parlour? Ideally we are looking for Discworld games (Thud, Clacks, Witches, Ankh-Morpork), easy to learn "gateway" games, and fun party games that everyone enjoys. If you're willing to help, please fill out this form.

We are also looking for volunteers willing to teach the Discworld games, or run sessions of Werewolf. If this sounds like you, please volunteer!

Êtes-vous un spectacle?

Got a glorious costume, or a not-so-hidden talent? Then enter the Vaudeville Le Maskerade! We are still looking for wonderful Talent, Costume and Cosplay acts, but places are limited! Grab your entry form here!

Want the simple option? Wear your most bright and beautiful shirt in the Twoflower Loud Shirt contest! Click here for more information.

Craft (and other) Workshops

We've got quite a few wonderful workshops that will happen during the convention. For most of these, you'll need to sign up in advance at Ops. So if any of the workshops or demonstrations below catches your eye, please be sure to head to Ops when you arrive and write your name down on the appropriate sign up sheets!

Workshops include:

  • Introduction to Chain Maille and Advanced Chain Maille
  • Introduction to Cross Stitching
  • Surface Stitching for Beginners
  • Balloon Twisting with Matt Falloon
  • Card Making
  • Zentangles
  • Write your own Discworld story
  • Writing Parody Songs with Martin Pearson
  • Juggling
  • Foam Sword Fencing
  • Plastimake Demo
  • Working with Worbla Demo
  • Dark Morris Workshop

Read up more on these and other events here!

In future missives we'll be highlighting many other types of activities on the itinerary!

Got questions, comments, or things to say?

If you want to ask something specific to the convention committee, please contact us and we'll be prompt in helping you!

You can also take part in the community discussion and share your excitement and plans with others over on our Facebook Group. This is also the best place to arrange shared transport from the airport to the hotel, or to finalise any room sharing arrangements, or to just try and get to know some of the people you'll meet at the convention.

Be sure to keep an eye on our social media at Facebook and Twitter as there may be smaller updates sent there in between news announcements like this.

FIVE weeks to go! Oh My Gods!