Flying in a Fortnight!


Only a fortnight... that's two weeks... that's fourteen days... to go! Is everyone getting excited for their tour?

Your Tour Timetable!

After months of careful planning, we now present to you The Discworld Grand Tour Timetable! The timetable shows you where and when you can experience all the activities on your tour. To find out what all the activities are, be sure to read the Events and Activities page.

PLEASE NOTE: The timetable may yet still change, so if things are different when you arrive in two weeks, please be sure to grab an updated timetable from the registration desk. A lot can happen in two weeks.

Supporting Upgrades

Today (Friday, July 21st) is your last oppportunity to upgrade from a supporting membership to an attending ticket. Do it now! It's now too late to on-sell your ticket, but never fear, we reached the end of the waiting list so hopefully everyone who wanted to has had the opportunity to attend the convention!

Arrivals and Departures

Want to arrange to share a lift from the airport or train station to the Lakes Resort Hotel? There's already a few discussions going on on our Facebook Group, so head over there to throw your hat into the ring. You can also feel free to talk about how to get back home after the convention closes on Sunday evening (or Monday evening if you're on the Gourmet or Wine Tours).

Don't forget to check this page for information about the best ways to get to the convention venue from various parts of Adelaide.

Gastromony Matters

Please keep in mind the following when it comes to food:

  • The Australian Discworld Convention is not supplying you with any meals, except for the Gala Dinner (via the hotel) for those who have purchased tickets.
  • If you have a room at the Lakes Resort Hotel, a buffet breakfast is included with your room.
  • If you have special dietary requirements, we have only communicated this to the hotel for the Gala Dinner, but NOT for any other reason. If you want to make sure the hotel can cater for you (whether for the included breakfasts or other reasons), please contact them directly yourself.
  • No lunch breaks are scheduled on the timetable, so we suggest you try and work out a time when you can eat! Our general advice for conventions if you really can't miss anything, is to have a big breakfast and carry around snacks (e.g. muesli bars) to nibble on during the day.
  • There is a Westfield Shopping Centre directly across from the hotel, and you are welcome to go over there to find food and drinks - but realise that we're at the opposite end to the food court so it could take a reasonable amount of time to get lunch or dinner there.
  • Make sure you eat, and drink plenty of water! Stay healthy :)

Get on board at Mr Shine's!

Make sure you take the time to check out Mr Shine's Thud Parlour during the convention! We'll have a great board games library with plenty to choose from, and you might even discover a new favourite!

We'll also have learn to play sessions for all the Discworld board games, plus some lovely rethemes that we've prepared especially for the Discworld Grand Tour: City Watch Love Letter, Magic Missive, Discworld Pairs, Cards Against Discworld and Ticket To Ride: Ankh-Morpork! And of course, convention-favourite Werewolf will be on the cards!

Chat with our very special guests

Make sure you put your name in the draw to have a very special chat - called a Klatch - with our special guests Stephen Briggs, David Lloyd and Daniel Knight of Snowgum Films. These will be limited to 15 people for each session, and selection is by random draw. Forms will be in your convention bag and you will need to drop these in at Ops and check both there and at Bonk an hour before the session to see if you're one of the lucky few. If you'd like to hang out with Martin Pearson, sign up to one of his Parody Song Writing workshops! You can, of course, talk to the guests at any other time when they aren't busy, but a Klatch is a chance to be part of something special.

We will also be chatting live via the Omniscope with Virtual Guests Ian Stewart, Ray Friesen and the fine folk at the Discworld Emporium, so be sure to pop along to those sessions as well!

That's all from the Lonely Turtle Travel Agency this week! Always remember you are welcome to start discussions in our Facebook Group and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.