Food, Drink and Entertainment Galore!


We crack the bottle of champagne across the bow to bring you three amazing announcements!

Around the Disc in 7a Courses - Gala Dinner

You are cordially invited to the Discworld Grand Tour Gala Dinner: Around the Disc in 7a Courses - a whirlwind, steampunk culinary trip around the Disc.

The Gala Dinner will be held on the evening of Saturday, 5th August as part of the convention. Tickets are only available to attending members.

Read more about it and then go ahead and buy your tickets. Plans are in place for a wonderful feast, and the night will be filled with an international flavour and music to dance the night away.

However, for those of you who may not wish to attend this dinner (for whatever reason), never fear! There will be alternate activities occurring during this evening within the convention venue - details to be announced!

Wine and Gourmet Tours

Join us for one final chapter in the convention story on Monday, 7 August 2017 by spending a day exploring the delectable delights and tantalising tastes of the Adelaide Hills on the Wine and Gourmet Tours. Join the tour of your choice and take a seat in the magic minibus as we wind our way through stunning scenery, sampling all that the region has to offer.

Read more about the tours here and the go ahead and buy your ticket to the Wine Tour or the Gourmet Tour.

Tickets are strictly limited and are only available to attending members of the convention.

Show us your talent at Vaudeville Le Maskerade

Make your Discworld Grand Tour unforgettable with a Saturday afternoon at the Vaudeville Le Maskerade! This amazing event is a showcase of wondrous costumes and amazing talent, presented by you, our wonderful convention attendees!

If you have a costume to show off, or an act you would like to present, or wish to combine your costuming and talent skills in the cosplay category, then please head over to the Vaudeville Le Maskerade page, read up on the event and send in your entry forms!

Places in the competition are strictly limited, so enter early to ensure yourself a place!

For the less theatrically inclined, you can still have your moment in the spotlight with our very-easy-to-enter-and-win Twoflower Loud Shirt competition. Details and entry forms can also be found at the Vaudeville Le Maskerade page.

Calling all arty-type people!

We've got a few projects that we need a few volunteers for, so we're hoping somewhere in this community we'll have some willing lovely people!

  • Luggage Stickers! We are planning to have a few luggage stickers given away with the convention bags to really give the convention a touristy feel. We have ideas for the designs (but will welcome more) but need some people to draw up some art for them.
  • Sketches! We'd love small line drawing sketches (B&W) of Discworld characters or locations that can make the convention programme booklet pop just that little bit more. If you have existing fan art that we can use, that'd be great too.
  • Touristy Standee thing - you know those cheesy standees with holes for your head that you see at tourist attractions - yep, we want to make one of those! We have a design in mind, but we are looking for arty/crafty people in Adelaide to actually construct it, and paint the characters onto it.

If any of these appeal to you, please fill in the Volunteer form. You will be rewarded with many thanks and a lovely certificate of appreciation.

But wait, there's more!

Don't forget to peruse our website to find out information about some of the wonderful things we have planned for the convention - yes, more details are coming, but there's already quite a lot available!