Guess who's coming to Discworld?


Welcoming our very special guests!

Making your trip to the Discworld very special indeed are our very special guests! These wonderful people will be around to talk about their work with Terry and the fandom, and you'll have the opportunity to meet with them at their panels, klatches1, and most likely also at the bar2. Read more about all the guests here.

Attending the convention in person will be...

Stephen Briggs

Stephen and Terry played together on Discworld for 25 years and had a lot of fun along the way. Stephen has collaborated with Terry on the many editions of the Discworld Companion, several diaries and maps, and a cook book. Stephen also took on the unabridged audio books and has recorded more than thirty of them, winning several industry awards that he’s secretly very pleased with. It's plays, though, that got him into Discworld, and he's adapted, and published, around twenty Pratchett playscripts, which have been staged in more than 22 countries.

Daniel Knight

Daniel became a filmmaker because Terry Pratchett wasn't embarrassed by the idea of him adapting and directing a short film from his Discworld story Troll Bridge. Assuming Terry must have grossly overestimated his ability, Daniel then spent the next fourteen years studiously dedicated to the craft lest anyone learn of the ruse. This has apparently resulted in a career, awards, and a very confused balding man wondering what happened to his dreams of becoming a royal magician.

Some of his other shorts include such monsters as Blood on the Game Dice (if you've ever played a pen and paper RPG), Undead Ted (which has more than a little Reg Shoe in it), and Run Rincewind Run! if you've never been to an Australian Discworld Convention before. All can be watched on the internet if you ask it nicely.

Professor David Lloyd

Professor David Lloyd is Archchancellor... sorry, Vice-Chancellor of the University of South Australia. He has the honour of being the only person to award Terry not only two honorary doctorates but also a professorship. While Dean of Research at Trinity College Dublin, David invited Sir Terry to receive an honorary doctorate and later asked Sir Terry back to Trinity College again to be a visiting Professor in Creative Writing in the School of English, which he only agreed to because of the special hat involved. Later still, Terry’s second honorary doctorate presented by David came from UniSA, and this one involved a hat with corks.

Martin Pearson

Martin has entertained attendees at all of the Australian Discworld Conventions since 2007 with his wonderful renditions of Discworld and Roundworld folk songs. His versions of "The Hedgehog Song" and "A Wizard's Staff Has A Knob on the End" are particularly known for their rowdy audience participation.

And virtually appearing...

Given that being girt by sea makes Fourecks particularly difficult (not to mention expensive) to get to, the following wonderful guests will not be present physically but will be able to chat with us via the wonders of the magical Omniscope3.

Professor Ian Stewart

Ian Stewart was born in 1945, educated at Cambridge (MA) and Warwick (PhD). He has five honorary doctorates (Open University, Westminster, Louvain, Kingston, and Brighton) and is Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at Warwick University. He has published over 100 books (mostly about mathematics) including the bestselling series The Science of Discworld I, II, III, and IV with Terry Pratchett and Jack Cohen.

Ray Friesen

Ray Friesen is a cartoonist and graphic designer living in California, USA. He met Terry Pratchett and Rob Wilkins at the 2009 North American Discworld convention, and was hired to draw cartoons for them a week later. After creating the Dweenicon Discworld character cartoon icons, Discworld Playing Cards, and the Death of Rats/Librarian plushies, Ray finally weaseled his way into illustrating a full Discworld comic book - 2015's Small Gods Graphic Novel Adaptation, a thrill and an honor.

The Discworld Emporium - Bernard and Isobel Pearson, Reb Voyce and Ian Mitchell

Bernard and his wife Isobel founded Discworld Emporium in Wincanton, Somerset, UK in 2000 under the patronage of Sir Terry himself. Bernard has now left the running of the Emporium to Ian and Reb while he loiters in his shed playing with lumps of wax. To this day, the Emporium continues to produce a wide range of Discworld inspired collectables, sculptures, art, wearables and sundries, using the original artwork of both Bernard and Ian.

Uncle Bernard refused to make the trip out to Fourecks as he fears his pipe is too great of a fire danger in our tinderbox of a country. And Ian and Reb need to stay home to feed the cats.

Read more about all the guests here - and we hope to announce more guests soon!

Come meet us at OzComicCon Adelaide!

The Australian Discworld Convention and the City of Small Gods Terry Pratchett Fan Club will be at OzComicCon Adelaide on April 1st and 2nd. You can find us in Fan Club Central at stand C1! Come along and grab a postcard, and have a chat with us. We can even play a game of Thud or Clacks if there's time.

Don't be left waiting... Not many tickets left!

After our recent announcement about the Gala Dinner and Wine and Gourmet Tours, tickets have been virtually flying off the shelves. (If they were literally flying off the shelves, they'd be books in the Unseen University Library). The Gourmet Tour is sold out, and the convention itself is getting close! The current state of our ticket availability is:

Due to the low number of convention tickets remaining, we are no longer offering Family tickets or Supporting memberships4.

If you have any questions about ticketing or membership (or anything else), please feel free to contact us.

Times and Places

Have you booked your hotel room yet? If you're travelling from a distance (or even if not), it's definitely worth considering staying at the venue to get the full convention experience. Find out how to book your room here and don't forget a yummy breakfast is included with every hotel room!

The convention runs for three full days (with a fourth for the tours), with lots to do, and so even if you're not staying at the Lakes Resort Hotel, it might help to know when things will be running:

Day Start Time Finish Time Major Events
Friday 4th August 11am 12 midnight The Quiz
Opening Ceremony (7pm)
Bedtime Stories
Saturday 5th August 9am 12 midnight Vaudeville Le Maskerade (afternoon)
Gala Dinner (evening)
Sunday 6th August 9am 6pm Charity Auction
Closing Ceremony (4pm)
Monday 7th August 9am 6pm Wine Tour (all day)
Gourmet Tour (all day)

Get involved!

1 A small intimate chat of about 10-15 people. You will receive klatch nomination forms in your convention bag, and can enter these forms at Ops to go in the draw to be one of the lucky few in the klatches. More details will be available at the convention.

2 Offer to buy them a drink.

3 Otherwise known as a video chat over the internet.

4 If you have a supporting membership already - don't worry, your place is still guaranteed - you just need to upgrade before you can attend.