Happy New Year!


Happy New Year of the Backwards Facing Artichoke, but perhaps more importantly, it's now the year of the Discworld Grand Tour!

Embarkation begins on 4th August 2017 at the Lakes Resort Hotel, West Lakes, South Australia, but there's so much to get organised before then.

We will have a lot more information for you over the coming months, but for now, a friendly reminder about what you can learn already!

Don't be a Late Bird!

Our early-bird ticket sales have been going on for more than a year now, but there's now only ONE MONTH left! Yes, that's right - if you want to save money and get early-bird priced tickets to Nullus Anxietas VI - The Australian Discworld Convention - you'll need to act fast and purchase before FEBRUARY 4th, 2017.

Early-bird sales end Feb 4th!

"But it's just after Hogswatch, I can't afford that right now!" you may cry! Well, despair not! If you purchase a Supporting Membership prior to February 4th 2017, you can upgrade at a later date to the early-bird price! A little bit now saves you a lot of money later! Upgrading is easy - and can be done in one big hit or in installments. Find out how here.

Decorate yourself with Grand Tour Souvenirs!

No tourist is complete without a cheesy hat or t-shirt, and we've got plenty available! Check out our full range of souvenirs available to convention attending tourists - and a few items that are also available for anyone at all!


All the Information You Can Eat!

Over the next seven months, we'll be keeping you up to date with all the latest news, so be sure to stay subscribed to the mailing list! And pack your bags for... The Discworld Grand Tour!