Help us with a Discworld tribute!


Terry Pratchett's final Discworld novel - The Shepherd's Crown - will be released on August 27th - and the publishers, Penguin Random House are beginning work on a video tribute to the Discworld series with the help of us, the fans.

Filming will begin at Sydney Supanova this weekend (June 19-21). Head to the Penguin Random House stand and make yourself known. They will then ask you to nominate your favourite moment or quote from Discworld, write it on a small whiteboard, and pose for a photograph. These photos will be collated into a 'flipagram' style video, weaving together the moments we all know and love - and will miss, now that Discworld is reaching its ultimate conclusion.

If you're not attending Sydney Supanova, you can do something similar with your local fan club or by yourself, and send your photos to

The final video, produced by Penguin Random House, will go live in the lead up to release of The Shepherd's Crown in August.