Ho! The Megapode!


Tickets for the UK DWCon were hard to come by but I managed to scrape and bow to the right person who sold me their tickets. I've brought back a tonne-load of thoughts and ideas. I've also brought back The Megapode! Yes! You will be able to wander the halls of the Mantra Bell City in April 2019 shouting 'Ho! The Megapode' just as they did in the Unseen University. While you wait for April to come around I suggest you follow The Megapode's very own Twitter feed. Photos will happen.

In the last email I spoke about Troll Bridge News. Now there is more news. I suggest you read it yourself here. At the base of the newsletter there's a spot for you to carefully inscribe your own email address, that way you can have your own copy of the Troll Bridge Newsletter. I suggest you keep it, treasure it and archive it for the future.

You might potentially have noticed the theme of Nullus Anxietas 7 is sort of about stamps. If you haven't then I suggest you take steps to refresh your memory of Going Postal. There are many methods of refreshing your memory. You could get a friend to shout it into your ear, read the book, listen to the audio book or even watch the Going Postal mini-series. Personally, I'm not keen on having anyone shout into my ear, but if that floats your oar then who am I to argue?

I hear you telling me you know nothing at all about this convention-type-stuff. It's coming through the ether directly into my brain (it might explain the headache). In that case I suggest you start by heading directly to our website and having a gander at everything that's listed there.