I Used To Be Me - A Tribute Song


At Nullus Anxietas V, you may have met Vicki Lanarch Hare, who is co-writing the Australian musical production of Good Omens. She shares with all fans this message and song:

I miss Terry Pratchett every single day. I had the enormous privilege of sitting with him several times over tea or lunch discussing my musical adaption of his and Neil Gaiman's treasured book Good Omens. Sir Terry was formidable. He was sharp and witty, incredibly direct and one of the kindest and most generous souls I've ever met.
I've been thinking about him so much lately I felt compelled to write this song highlighting his journey with Alzheimer's. It's aptly called I Used To Be Me.
Lachlan O'Brien sings with such sensitivity and beauty, it takes my breath away. Thanks to my husband Jim Hare, my collaborator on Good Omens, for putting the video together. I hope you like it and enjoy singing along. Please share.

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