It's almost HO HO HOgswatch!


In the latest news from the Post Office, it's

Almost HO HO HOgswatch!

Are you looking for a gift for Magrat? (She doesn't want to be left out)
What about a gift worthy of the Patrician?
Is there a Maskerader in your life - I thought: cosplay, how hard can it be?

A gift of a ticket to the Discworld Convention is just the ticket!

That's right postal employees, this Hogswatch you can give the gift of a ticket to the Discworld Convention - Nullus Anxietas 7.

Stanley will love to find a NA7 ticket in his stocking!
Check out our website where you will be able to buy single, family, or supporting membership upgrades.

Coming back in 2019 is the Maskerade, with the Passport morphing into the Going Postal themed Stamp Album.

Another regular feature is the convention book - a lovely collectors edition which you can use to prove you attended. It's painted by imps living with our sponsor Pace Advertising.

Oook! (A big hello - the secret is to bang the rocks together, guys) to all our new subscribers who met some of our members at Comixpo.
It's always so great to meet people as cra- ahem - normal as us.

Stay close to your mail boxes as we'll continue to release exciting news as we get closer and closer to the big event.