Newsflash: Offler answers prayers | Fantastic guests and where to find them | Troll Bridge screening in Melbourne


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Price rise of tickets has been held back after previously unknown woman fries extra tasty sausages in Holy Offlering

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Troll Bridge screens Wednesday night in southern Fourecks city of Ankh Melbournepork

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Rob Anybody "well pleased" with Bigjobs Guests at Roundworld Convention

Cheaper tickets continue until 14th February

Hitherto unknown woman Amelia Groats took a day off from Cabbage farming to make an offering to Offler for a stay in the price increase to the admission tickets to the Australian Discworld Convention.

"Nullus Anxietas was of great concern, because you see my cabbages sell on Thursday, and so I brought in some extra tasty sausages for my offering to Offler. And what do you know - it must have worked! The tickets will be at the cheaper price for another two days" exclaimed Mrs Groats.

"Because I am saving 40 dollars, I'll also be buying my Added Extra Value Ticket - it's such a cheap flutter at 10 dollars, and I'll probably be treated extra special like" continued a grinning Mrs Groats.

Newsflash confirms that admission and "Added Extra Value Ticket" tickets are on sale on the WWW-Clacks at

Troll Bridge Moving Pictures in Ankh Melbournepork

Hot on the heels of the screening in Sydney, is the Melbourne screening of Troll Bridge.

It's happening at Kino, Melbourne City, Wednesday 13th February, 7pm. Newsflash confirms that tickets are being sold until an hour before on the WWW-Clacks at

Rob Anybody

Rob Anybody has been heard saying "I'm well pleased with the bigjobs guests who'll be coming to the convention" and in relation to the virtual guests: "They're even bigger bigjob guests, but I don' ken much aboot that - how can they be there if they're somewhere else?"

Newsflash has checked, and has obtained the guest lists of the stellar guests confirmed as attending the 2019 Australian Discworld Convention:

Guests who'll be there:

Guests who'll be virtually there:

  • Stephen Briggs - Writer of Discworld Plays, Companions, Diaries, Maps; Reader of audiobooks and much much more.
  • Professor Ian Stewart - Co-author of The Science of Discworld series, mathematician, and science fiction and science fact author.
  • Colin Smythe - Terry's agent and archivist of many many many years.

The guest who'll always be there, so long as we speak his name: