Six months to NA7!


That's right postal employees,

Six months...minus a day, or minus a couple of days if you're reading this after Saturday night.

A huge hello to all those we've met at Bendicon in Bendigo and PopCon in Ballarat. I hope you weren't blown away by the subtlety of my costume. It was lovely to meet you all, we had a ball talking to everyone. There are still tickets available for the convention, just imagine...300 or so people who all have a love for the same books. I can tell you it's a fabulous experience and I promise I'm not biased, not in the slightest. Clicking here will magically take you to the website.

We're trialing a new accessibility system for Nullus Anxietas 7. I know you're all in absolutely perfect health and can go the entire weekend without sitting down once, but just in case we've got the new Blue Dot system. The fabulous people at the UK DW Con have sorted out many of the kinks in their system so we're going to see how it works with fewer people. If you have a disability you can apply for a Blue Dot which will help you get around the Con and access our wonderful features more easily. It'll be self-assessed. We have a brand new Facebook group and you can join this to get the goss on the Blue Dot system.

Parking! Yes, it will be possible. The Mantra Bell City has an ample car park. Vouchers will be available through Ops. When in doubt, Go To Ops! Enter the car park getting your ticket as normal. Some time during the weekend talk to the lovely people in Ops and get your voucher for your free parking. 

Stay close to your mail boxes as we'll continue to release exciting news as we get closer and closer to the big event.

Now, where were those dried frog pills.