The Mail Must Move!


We are pleased to announce the launch of the

Australian Discworld Convention 2019 Website

Dear Postal Applicant,

We have considered your advice that the website needs an update but initially thought that we had enough spider webs around here. We have since been informed that that isn’t the same thing so we had a chat with a big redback in the back office. As a result, we now have a fancy new web, which will really help with the ants in my letterbox.

You can have a look at what we've knocked together at where you can get tickets for The 2019 Australian Discworld Convention, soon be able to purchase fantastic and interesting stuff at a bargain price, sign up to the mailing list to get these hilarious1 messages straight to your inbox and lots more.

If you haven't got tickets yet, there are a wide range of options available to you, complete with Early-bird prices. Check out the tickets section where you will be able to buy single, family or supporting memberships from the webpage. For those of you who can mess with time or who bought a supporting membership before the launch, check your inboxes - you will soon receive an email from our Membership Secretary with a link to show you how you can upgrade your ticket to a full membership.

Anyway, thanks for your advice and as such we are pleased to inform you that you are still in the running for the position of Assistant to the Aide of the Post Office Cat Litter Box attendant.

And above all, remember...

The Mail Must Move.

1 Well amusing2

2Well, it might make you mentally groan 3

3 Or perhaps it was just that dodgy sausage...