Things to See and Do on Discworld


The Discworld Grand Tour is now only three months away - your tour guides are getting ready, are you?

Charity begins on tour!

The Australian Discworld Convention is a not-for-profit event, but we do also hold an auction of wonderful memorabilia to raise money for charities. This year, the Charity Auction is proudly sponsored by Dymocks Adelaide, and will be raising money for Alzheimer's Australia SA and The Aboriginal Literacy Foundation. Click here to find out more about the auction, the charities and how to donate auction items.

Your tour itinerary

There are SO many events and activities planned for the Discworld Grand Tour, we hope you'll never be bored and will find something to keep you excited and engaged at all times. Although the precise timetable will not be finalised for quite some time yet, we can reveal to you at least some of the activities that you can watch or participate in at the convention. Click here for a list of everything we've got so far... and more activities are still to be revealed!

Some highlights include:

And of course, to make your planning easier, here's a rough guide as to what's on when:

Day Start Time Finish Time Major Events
Friday 4th August 11am 12 midnight The Quiz
Opening Ceremony (7pm)
Saturday 5th August 9am 12 midnight Vaudeville Le Maskerade (afternoon)
Gala Dinner (evening)
Sunday 6th August 9am 6pm Charity Auction
Closing Ceremony (4pm)
Monday 7th August 9am 6pm Wine Tour (all day)
Gourmet Tour (all day)

Ticket Matters

As you know, the convention is now SOLD OUT! This means we've hit our limit of 200 people - but ticket exchanges can still happen, are already are!

  • If you missed out on a ticket, be sure to join the waiting list ASAP. The sooner you're on it, the more likely you'll be able to get a ticket.
  • If you purchased an attending ticket or a supporting membership but can no longer attend, then please get in contact with us so you can sell your ticket on to someone who desperately wants to be there. Find out more about the process in our On-Sale of Tickets policy.
  • Please also note that tickets to the Gala Dinner, Wine Tour and Gourmet Tour are all still available in our shop - but if you have one and want to sell it on, that's perfectly fine - it's just that currently you may need to find someone to buy your ticket directly, as there is no waiting list for those events while tickets are still available.

Some quick reminders

  • If you aren't afraid to sing a song, tell a joke or show off a fancy costume, then be sure to enter the Vaudeville Le Maskerade! Entries are now open and places are strictly limited!
  • Tickets for the Gala Dinner are still on sale, but it's filling up fast!
  • Fancy yourself a bit of an epicurean? Join us on the Wine and Gourmet Tours on Mon 7th August. There are now TWO seats remaining on the Gourmet Tour, and more than 10 on the Wine Tour.
  • Don't forget to pre-order your convention souvenirs! If you wait to buy them at the convention, you may miss out as we aren't planning to order much in the way of extra stock.
  • Find out about the Lakes Resort Hotel - and of course, don't forget to book your accommodation! We can also help you arrange room sharing and you can read up on transport options too.
  • Don't forget about our well stocked Games Room and the opportunity to get your Passport stamped and win prizes!
  • And of course, we still need your help! Please volunteer to assist us with security, first aid, tech, administration, and plenty of other minor jobs. Everyone involved in running this convention is a volunteer, and we always need more people to help out!

And a teaser from Snowgum Films...

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