Twoflower in Adelaide!


With only three weeks to go until the Discworld Grand Tour, a very special guest has arrived in Adelaide - Twoflower!

Follow the Australian Discworld Convention on Facebook over the coming weeks to see Twoflower's adventures and take a guess at where he's been taking selfies!

Last chance to upgrade or on-sell!

If you're one of the few remaining supporting members, you must upgrade your supporting membership to an attending ticket by Friday, July 21st. Failing to do so will mean you won't be able to attend the convention.

If you are unable to attend but have a supporting or attending ticket, you can still on-sell it to the last few people on the waiting list, but you must contact us this weekend so that the transfer can be completed by July 21st. Otherwise, you're stuck with a ticket you can't use and will be out of pocket to boot.

Can you tell me how to get, how to get to West Lakes?

Certainly! If you want to know how to transport yourself around the Adelaide suburbs, check out this handy page which details various travel options from the airport, railway station, bus station or the CBD!

If you want to share a ride with someone, why not post to the Facebook Group your arrival time and place in our fair city and see if someone will split the cost of a taxi or shuttle bus with you?

Food, glorious food

The Gala Dinner is looking to be a fabulous night, we've got 115 people coming, which is more than half of the convention attendees! We have made sure the hotel knows about everybody's special dietary requirements so we are hoping that everyone is well catered for. If you suffer from allergies that you didn't explicitly mention when you purchased your Gala Dinner ticket, please contact us ASAP so we can pass that information on to the hotel.

Those not attending can still have a bit of fun with Murder on the Uberwald Express, or just sit and relax in the bar for the evening.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have dietary or medical issues that may have changed from when you first bought your ticket, please contact us with updated details. However, if you are planning to eat at the hotel (and that includes breakfast that's part of your room rate), you will need to contact the hotel directly yourself to let them know about your dietary or medical issues - we will not be doing that on your behalf.

There are two types of opera...

... And the Vaudeville Le Maskerade could be either of them, or neither! If you can sing a song, recite a poem, play the fool, or just want to show off an amazing costume you've put together, then be sure to enter the Vaudeville Le Maskerade! Entry forms must be emailed in by Aug 2nd to ensure your place, and places are limited!

Of course, there's the easier option of just wearing a brightly coloured top and entering Twoflower's Loud Shirt competition - that requires a little less effort but you can still be applauded by the dazzled audience.

Learn the ways of the world!

Over the course of the convention, we'll have several presentations, panels and discussions on a whole range of topics! These will include:

  • A Guided Tour of the Convention - Perfect for newbies and old hands alike, let us show you around the convention venue.
  • Introduction to Convention Photography - want to know how to get the perfect shot? Our budding Otto Chrieks in the Press Corpse will show you the way...
  • I iz wot? Geology and Gemmology of Discworld Trolls - Do you know what Mica looks like? What makes Chrysoprase such a hard troll? Learn things about rocks you never knew you wanted to know.
  • Steampunk panel - find out about the genre of cogs and steam and Victorian sensibilities.
  • Origin Stories: Discovering Discworld - we all became fans in different ways, and this is your chance to discuss how you became a fan with others.
  • Hive Mind: All About Bees - learn about the apiaric arts!
  • Discworld Super Fan: Pat Harkin - Pat has been to Discworld conventions the world over, has collected as much memorabilia as he could get his hands on, and became a close friend of Terry's as well. Plus, for some reason, he gets quacked at a lot.
  • Desert Island Books - A discussion of the works of authors other than Terry Pratchett. You may find someone new to read!

Check out the list of events for details on these and many other activities.

That's all from the Lonely Turtle Travel Agency this week! Always remember you are welcome to start discussions in our Facebook Group and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.