Under Construction


With only seven weeks to go until the convention, our construction of the Discworld Grand Tour and its timetable (of activities) is well under way. Unfortunately, a spanner just got thrown in the works of our engine(see below) but we will still steam on and ensure that your tour goes ahead with as little deviation to the route as possible.

Venue Renovations

The Lakes Resort Hotel has just told us that they will be undergoing renovations during the time that the convention will be running. This is indeed unfortunate, and messes with the tour plans, but we will persevere through the potentially rough weather (both figuratively and literally). One of the main consequences of the hotel's renovations is that it will be necessary to travel into the Great Outdoors (you know, the big room with the big yellow shiny thing on the ceiling) in order to get from one set of our function rooms to the other. Given the time of year, it is highly likely that it will be cold and wet outside, so please take this into account when packing your bags for the tour. The journey betweeen our two hubs of activities will be designated as "The Railway" and although the carriages will be imaginary, we do encourage you to make train noises as you walk, to keep your spirits up.

The Discworld Grand Tour Mappe

We are also seeking out more volunteers especially for Security and general Gophering, to help be Train Conductors and guide people between the two locations. You'll need to keep an eye on the safety and security of all tourists and the rooms we will be using. If you are prepared to dedicate some of your time at the convention on the Security or Gopher teams, please complete this volunteer form ASAP.

Dealers and Pre-orders

A small number of wonderful dealers will be selling you lots of lovely wares at the convention in our marketplace known as The Soak. These are:

  • Maid of Maille / The Bead Forest - Chain maille jewellery and kits, beeswax skin creams and library bags.
  • Cre'atures - Toys, comics, art and badges.
  • Trollwood - books, DVDs and Discworld miniatures and busts
  • The Big Game Theory - board games
  • The Gambesonian - cloaks, robes, corestry, waistcoats, staffs and costume hats.

However, you have the opportunity to get your orders in early and then pick up the merchandise when you arrive!

  • Looking for new books, or some fancy Discworld busts or miniatures? Pre-order now from Trollwood for 20% off books and 10% off miniatures and busts. Preorders close July 9.
  • If you need some chain maille rings or kits from supplier Aussie Maille, Maid of Maille is happy to order them for you, so you can save on shipping costs! Send your requests to thebeadforest@gmail.com by June 30.
  • Want an amazing board game with a cheap price without having to pay shipping? Pre-order from The Big Game Theory and let them know you'll pick up your order at the convention.

Important Upcoming Dates

As we near the convention itself, many things will need to be ordered, communicated, and organised. To this end, please pay attention to the following dates and what must be done before we reach them:

  • All Souvenir orders must be completed by June 30. There may only be a few extra souvenirs available beyond preorders, and we can't guarantee to have a t-shirt in your size or style unless it has been preordered.
  • Gala Dinner tickets must be purchased by July 7th. This allows us time to organise seating and communicate your dietary requirements to the caterers.
  • Wine Tour tickets must be purchased by July 7th. This allows us to determine the final bus size and to pay wine tasting fees.
  • Upgrades from Supporting Membership to attending member tickets must be completed by July 21st. However, we would appreciate it greatly if this were to happen sooner, as it allows us to know that you are definitely coming. Even paying one of your installments during June would be a great help to our organisation.
  • If you are unable to come to the convention and wish to on-sell your ticket, please contact us AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Transfer of membership must be completed by July 21st - but this realistically means you will need to contact us to sell your ticket by no later than July 7th to ensure we have a chance to contact those on the waiting list to find someone to buy it from you. The longer you wait, the more likely it is that you will be unable to sell your ticket on.
  • Entries for the Talent Quest and Cosplay categories of the Vaudeville Le Maskerade will close on August 2nd. Please see here to download an entry form and the rules of the competition. For the Costume Swish and Twirl category, you must submit online by August 2nd, or in person at Ops at the convention by 8pm on Friday August 4th. No late entries for any of these categories will be accepted.
  • Entries for the Twoflower Loud Shirt competition (held during Vaudeville Le Maskerade) must be submitted online by August 2nd, or in person at Ops at the convention by 12pm on Saturday August 5th.

More reminders and announcements will be coming out in the following weeks! Please also remember that we're still looking for volunteers in a number of roles, and anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated.