Vale Sir Terry


It is with great sadness that we hear today (Friday 13 March) of Sir Terry's passing. Our thoughts and deepest sympathies go out to his family and friends, and all who knew and loved him.

In April, we will come together to celebrate the work, the wit, the life, of this wonderful man. We will share memories and laughter and we will raise many a glass in his honour.

Truly, today the world is a slightly darker place for his absence. However, if it is true (and it must be true, for a wise and clever man has said so) that "no-one is finally dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away - until the clock he wound up winds down, until the wine she made has finished its ferment, until the crop they planted is harvested." then Sir Terry will be with us for many years to come. For generations, I would say. Maybe even forever.

(Artwork by Sal)