Your tour needs YOU!


Many Volunteers Required!

With only two months left until the convention, The Discworld Grand Tour needs YOUR help!

We need quite a few volunteers to help out with specific (or general) jobs, and everyone who helps out will get a special reward for doing so!

Please complete the volunteer form on this page if you are willing to help out with any of the jobs listed below. (If you have previously filled out the form but haven't been contacted about a specific job, please submit it again!)

Join Otto Chreik's Press Corpse

If you have the skills behind a camera, even if you're only a dabbler, then we are looking for photographers and videographers to join the official Press Corpse!

We are looking for a dedicated crew who are interested in the following tasks:

  • event photography (i.e. taking photos of events and workshops for our photographic record)
  • videography (so we can capture some of the magic on film - a simple video camera on a tripod is all we need)
  • vlogging (no experience required, and you can do it on your phone!)

The more volunteers we get the more we can spread the load so if you are interested in putting your talents and iconographic equipment to good use, please say chiz!

Be an Igor! Lend a Thpare Hand for Firtht Aid

If you have a current First Aid qualification, please volunteer to be one of our on-duty First Aid officers. You won't need to do much unless someone injures themselves, but we'd like to make sure there's at least two qualified people who are "on call" to perform First Aid at all times.

Cast a spell with Theatrical Lights and Sound!

We are in need of some people to help out with the technical aspects of our productions - running a mixing desk for microphones or lights, or steering a follow spot. Some experience required, but you don't have to be a professional. Please volunteer to join the tech crew!

Be a Man (or Dwarf or Troll or Werewolf) in the City Watch!

Our City Watch Security Team needs recruits to help with crowd control, queue management and making sure people are well behaved. No experience necessary, although a loud voice and looming presence may come in handy. Sign up for the City Watch here!

Are you game to teach Thud?

If you're familiar with the Discworld board games (Thud, Ankh-Morpork, The Witches and Clacks) and would be prepared to teach them in a learn-to-play session, please let us know! In addition, we are looking for people to teach our Discworld rethemes of Love Letter, Pairs, Ticket to Ride and Cards Against Humanity. We are also looking for people to moderate games of Werewolf, or help GM some simple role playing game scenarios. We'll also have a large number of modern board games in our library and if you're willing to a) teach some of them or b) loan your games to the library, then please make sure you let us know!

"It appears that you have no useful skill or talent whatsoever. Have you thought of going into teaching?"

- Keeble to Death, in Mort

If you feel that you are completely unqualified for any of the above volunteer jobs, fear not! We can always use extra hands at Registration, Ops, in the Dealers Room, stamping passports, and just generally running around (Gophering) and best of all, these jobs require absolutely no particular skills or experience! So if you are willing to give just a little bit of your time to help the convention run smoothly, please volunteer to be a gopher!

Ticketing Matters

Supporting Membership Upgrades

If you currently only have a Supporting Membership and you would like to attend the convention, please remember to upgrade your ticket soon! If you miss the upgrade deadline you will not be able to attend. If you are unsure of how much you have already paid in installments, please contact us and ask!

Selling Tickets to the Waiting List

If you have an attending member ticket or a supporting membership and can no longer attend the convention, please get in contact with us as soon as possible so we can arrange for you to sell your ticket on to people on the waiting list, which already has more than 20 people on it! This should make everyone happy all around - you will get your money back, someone who missed out on a ticket gets to come, and we'll have a full contingent of 200 people at the convention!

Gala Dinner and Tours

There are only around 30 spots left for the Gala Dinner and ticket sales must finish on July 7th (even if we are not sold out). So if you were considering joining us for an evening of delectable delights, buy your ticket now!

For the post-convention tours on Mon, 7th August, the Gourmet Tour is completely booked out, but there are plenty of seats left on the Wine Tour. However, these too are only available until July 7th so if you were considering joining the tour, now is the time to get that ticket!

Don't forget your Grand Tour souvenirs!

Our lovely range of t-shirts, hat, coffee mug and polo shirt are also still available for pre-order, but orders will close on June 30th. This will give us enough time to get them all printed ready for collection at the convention. If you do not pre-order your souvenirs, you may not be able to get what you want, or in the size you want it. There will only be a few extra souvenirs for sale at the convention itself. So if you want something, order it now!

Other Reminders...

The countdown to the Discworld Grand Tour is on!