Events and Activities


Events and Activities

There will be so much to do on the Discworld Grand Tour that we hope you will never be bored! Our list of activities is still coming together, but you can read below about many of the wonderful things you will be able to experience on your tour.

PLEASE NOTE that the information on this page may be updated at any time and is also never guaranteed to be completely up to date. During the convention itself, always be sure to check the notice board at the Lonely Turtle Travel Agency (Ops) for any last minute changes, additions or cancellations to the timetable.

Use the menu below to read about a whole range of activities....

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Keynotes and Major Events

Opening Ceremony

A grand spectacle to kick off the Discworld Grand Tour! During this ceremony, your tour guides will welcome you - our lovely tourists - and our special guests to the convention. WARNING: May contain songs and a very special hat.

Closing Ceremony

Au Revoir! It's all over! It's time to say goodbye, and most importantly, to say thank you to everyone who made this convention happen.

Charity Auction sponsored by Dymocks Adelaide

Bid on some lovely items of Discworld art and memorabilia, and raise money for a wonderful cause. Our charities are Alzheimer's Australia SA and the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation. ALSO: Don't forget the Silent Auction available all weekend at the Lonely Turtle Travel Agency (Ops). Click here for more information.

Gala Dinner - Around the Disc in 7a Courses

Join us for a whirlwind, steampunk culinary trip around the Disc. Celebrate the coming of the Age of Steam with your fanciest dress, best dancing shoes, and appetite of wizardly proportions. Pre-purchased Ticket Holders only. Click here for more information.

Are You Smarter than a Stupid Lizard Man? The Grand Quiz

Come and test your mettle against the brightest brains of the Disc, and also all the other brains on the Disc. The 6 round lightning quiz will test your Discworld and Roundworld knowledge and confer bragging rights in perpetuity. Team up with your new convention friends!

Vaudeville Le Maskerade

See the spectacular array of entertainment as never before seen on the Disc. You will witness a realm of sights and sounds in a showcase of dynamic Talent acts, the classic Costume Swish and Twirl, and the cosmos of Cosplay, combining gaudy costumes and terrific talent. Also including the Twoflower Loud Shirt Competition. Click here for more information and to enter the competitions.

Discworld's Companion: Stephen Briggs

Stephen has worked closely with Terry for more than 20 years, writing play scripts, companions, maps, diaries, and voicing audio books. Hear him talk of his time and experiences with Terry and Discworld over the years.

Morning Tea with the Archchancellor: Professor David Lloyd

David turned his long-time love of Discworld into an excuse to give Terry an honorary doctorate - and this began Terry's short but distinguished foray into academia, culminating in the Terry Pratchett Memorial Scholarship. Hear David's tales of Terry, and also his lovely Irish lilt.

Snowgum Films: A Retrospective

Daniel Knight and Snowgum Films have been a part of Australian Discworld Convention from before they even started. Look back on more than 10 years of Discworld filmmaking with the epic Troll Bridge and Snowgum's other works. This is going to be one session you will not want to miss.

Snowgum Films: Q&A

Want to know what goes into making the most epic fan film ever? Daniel Knight and Ahren Morris from Snowgum Films will answer your questions about the process of making Troll Bridge and their other films.

Murder on the Uberwald Express

While travelling to the Emabssy Gala Ball on the Uberwald Express, someone is brutally murdered! Who could have killed them and why? Sign up at Ops to take part in this murder mystery event. Limited places available.

Virtual Guest: Ian Stewart

Ian is best known to fans as one of the co-authors of four Science of Discworld books with Jack Cohen and Terry. He's also written many other non-fiction books about science and mathematics, as well as some science fiction. Ask Ian any science questions that have been twisting your brain!

Virtual Guest: Ray Friesen

Ray is an artist with a unique visual style - and is lucky to have recently become part of the Discworld family by creating the Dweenie badges (available at and writing and drawing the graphic novel of Small Gods. So come along to have a chat with him!

Virtual Guest: The Discworld Emporium

The Discworld Emporium in Wincanton, Somerset, has been making Discworld artefacts, stamps, and paraphernalia for more than 20 years. Come along to hear what Uncle Bernard, Isobel, Ian and Reb have planned next. (Warning: Bernard is known to have a potty mouth, but he's hilarious.)

Stephen Briggs Signing

Stephen will happily sign your copies of Turtle Recall, The Streets of Ankh-Morpork, The Discworld Mapp, or anything else with his name on the cover! Limit 3 items per person.

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Bedtime Stories

A convention tradition! Hear some lovely renditions of some of Terry's stories before you retire for the evening. Pyjamas and Teddy Bears highly encouraged!

Martin Pearson: Perpetrator of Folk Songs

Be regaled with renditions of The Hedgehog Song and A Wizard's Staff, among many others performed by our very special guest, Martin Pearson. He is a story teller and folk singer of note (sometimes several of them, even) and his shows are a laugh a minute.

Matt Falloon and his Trained Balloons

Convention regular Matt - in his bright and colourful suit - will amaze and entertain you with wit, whimsy, spectacle and inflated pieces of rubber. Who knew balloons could be so versatile?

The Dark Morris

Hot For Joe will perform three dances in the Dark Morris style. With only the drum beat and clashing of sticks to guide their stepping - the Dark Morris style really emphasises their precise and dramatic co-ordination. If you like what you see - be sure to sign up for the Dark Morris Workshop.

Unseen Theatre Company presents "The Trials"

In Adelaide, Unseen Theatre Company has been performing Discworld plays since 2000 and have more than 25 under their belt. The Trials is a story about Granny Weatherwax being… nice. Adapted from The Sea and Little Fishes, Unseen will perform this as a moved script reading.

Nanny Ogg's Travel Logg

Travel the Disc wtih a true coin-e-sewer of the finer things in life. This live radio play details the travel diary of Nanny Ogg on her quest to seek out good food, better drink, and to go the long way and see the elephant.


A fun game of fill in the blank! Our competitors (chosen from the audience) will have to predict what the expert panel of Discworld characters will choose to fill in the wossname-filled sentences. Guaranteed to be hilarious. May contain wossnames.

The Great Debate

A convention favourite - with two teams of amazing Discworld luminaries hotly debating an important topic, and possibly some less important topics (such as what sort of biscuits to serve with afternoon tea.)

Songs of Praise

Join us for a multi-faith prayer session to the Gods of the Discworld. Come along for a good old sing-song and a cup of cocoa (BYO cocoa).

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Panels, Lectures and Presentations

Guided Tour of the Convention

Start off your convention experience with a guided tour of the Discworld! These short walks around the hotel will help orient you with where everything is, what happens in each of the locations, as well as some handy hints for convention newbies. No need to sign up, just be waiting in The Docks at one of the scheduled tour times.

Volunteer and Security Orientation

The helpful folk of the Disc will gather and be briefed, to make the Australian Discworld Convention run as smooth as a glass of Bentick's Very Old Peculiar. If you would like to volunteer to help out in any way, fill in this form ASAP!

Introduction to Convention Photography

Learn from Otto and the Press Corpse about the best way to take iconographs and moving pictures in a convention environment.

I iz wot?: Geology and Gemmology of Discworld Trolls

This is a light-hearted talk about the geological and gemmological aspects of Discworld trolls. Find out about the characteristics of the Roundworld rocks and minerals that make up the Discworld trolls. Rocks are a serious business but can still have their funny side.

Nullus Continuous

Give us your feedback on your time at the convention, and help generate ideas for Nullus Anxietas VII in 2019!

Steampunk Panel

A panel about the fantasy genre involving cogs and coal. Come and gab about gaslights and airships.

Origin Stories: Discovering Discworld

Everyone has an origin story of how they found the wonderful world we're here for. Come and reminisce and chat with fellow fans.

Hive Mind: All About Bees

Whether it's the black bees in Death's garden, the committee-making republican bees, or Granny Weatherwax's borrowed beehive, the connection between the Discworld and bees is strong. An exploration of the apiary arts, this panel is sure to leave you buzzing.

Desert Island Books

You mean there's authors other than Pratchett? Come and hear our panelists wax passionately about their other favourite science fiction, fantasy and genre authors and books.

Discworld Super Fan: Pat Harkin

Dr Pat Harkin has spent many years collecting as much Discworld memorabilia as he can muster, and has been to Discworld Conventions and events all around the world - hear Pat tell you how he went from a simple fan and volunteer to become one of Terry's dearest friends.

What Duck? Discworld Celebrity Heads

Take part in this fun party game where you have to guess what Discworld character you are!

A Buffet of Snowgum

Sample an hors d'oeuvres-filled platter of short clickies from Snowgum Films.

Our Charities: Alzheimer's Australia and the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation

Hear about the work our charities do, and hopefully it will convince you to spend more money at Sunday’s Charity Auction.

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A Klatch is a small intimate chat with one of our special guests. To be in the draw for a seat at a Klatch, be sure to fill in the forms in your convention bag and drop them in the boxes at Ops! Names will be drawn one hour before each Klatch and posted at Ops and outside Bonk. You will not be allowed into the session unless your name is on the list! There will be klatches with Stephen Briggs, David Lloyd, and Daniel Knight/Snowgum Films. For Martin Pearson, sign up to one of his parody song writing workshops!

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Workshops and Demos

Plastimake Demo

See how to use Plastimake, a wonderful modelling material – it’s great for quick and easy props and ornamentation for your cosplays.

Introduction to Cross Stitching Workshop

Learn the basics of cross stitch and begin a small project that you can take home to finish. We will discuss technique, supplies and patterns.

Writing Parody Songs with Martin Pearson

Our favourite folk-and-filk-er Martin Pearson will lead a workshop of catchy tunes and clever lyrics - come and learn the secrets of parody songs from the master.

Working with Worbla Demo

Join our fantastic foamsmith Justin as he works with the wonder of Worbla - the thermoplastic that's taken the cosplay world by storm, one heat gun at a time.

Sugarbean's Cheese Trolley

Discuss delectable dairy delights – and choose the cheese to chew and chomp on.

Introduction to Chain Maille Workshop

Be inducted into the metal world of chain maille as we teach the techniques and tricks to begin your very own chain maille project.

Advanced Chain Maille Workshop

Whether you're a new player to the pliers or an ongoing maille maniac, this advanced workshop will introduce you to some advanced projects and weaves to build your chain maille skills.

Dark Morris Workshop

We invite participants to learn some Morris stepping, with a view to teaching a complete dance. This will include working with basic 'sticking' techniques. Sensible footwear is required, co-ordination would be useful but the ability to laugh and 'give it a go' is the most important skill needed.

Card Making Workshop

Learn some crafty techniques for making your own greeting cards.

Write Your Own Discworld Story

Working together, we will come up with a basic plot and characters from your suggestions, and we'll use the snowflake method to build up information. This entertaining workshop should help you gain new knowledge and skills for creating the basic plot of a story.

Surface Stitching for Beginners Workshop

We will learn the basics of decorative surface stitching. We will discuss technique, supplies and patterns. Participants can bring their own pieces to decorate, or can be supplied with materials in the class. No prior knowledge or experience is needed.

Balloon Twisting Workshop

Clown around and make colourful creations full of hot air with Matt Falloon.

Juggling Workshop

Marry, sirrah, is’t thou a complete fool? If not, prithee add to your entertaining repertoire by learning the basics of the juggling from a Fools’ Guild expert.

Foam Sword Fencing Workshop

En Garde! Learn about the elegant art of fencing (the kind with swords, not fence posts). To avoid requiring the services of an Igor, swords used will be made of foam rather than sharp pointy bits of metal.

Zentangle Workshop

Think you can't draw? The art of Zentangle will prove that anyone can create beautiful drawings by the simple application of pen to paper.

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Activites for Kids (of all ages)

Agatean Chocolate Challenge

On the Counterweight Continent, chocolate is rarer than gold, and eating it is done in the traditional style - with chopsticks. Can you be the fastest to empty your bowl?

Tiffany Aching's Craft Time

Simple crafting and colouring activities for the little ones.

Where's My Cow?

It's six o'clock and everyone knows what happens at six o'clock in the Vimes household. Pretend to be Young Sam and listen to a reading of Where's My Cow? It's up to you to provide the animal noises, however.

Discworld Origami

Fold with friends and make a paper masterpiece.

Leonard of Quirm's Fly-Through-The-Air-Devices-Made-Of-Paper Competition

An Aeronautical adventure for pilots of all ages. Send your hopes and dreams aloft with the paper plane competition, and try and beat the convention’s daredevil fly-through-the-air-device makers for distance and tricks. Plane, old fashioned fun.

Feet of Clay

A golem’s words may be in his head, but in Feet of Clay your words are in your feet! Team up with your fellow tourists in this fast paced game that’s part spelling bee and part soft-shoe-shuffle.

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Games - Mr Shine's Thud Parlour

Come and visit Mr Shine's Thud Parlour in Koom Valley to play some amazing board games - we have a large library for you to choose from, including Discworld games and popular modern board and card games. In addition, be sure to read about special sessions detailed below!

Learn To Play - Board Games

Learn to play some amazing Discworld board games! Including some special Discworld re-themes with original art created especially for this convention! Check the timetable for the learn to play sessions for the following games:

  • Discworld Games: Ankh-Morpork; The Witches; Thud; Clacks
  • Our special re-themes: City Watch Love Letter; Magic Missive; Discworld Pairs; Ticket to Ride: Ankh-Morpork; Cards Against Discworld, Werewolf

Late Night Werewolf

A convention classic - who's eating the citizens of your small Uberwaldian village? A fun game of social deduction. Check the timetable to find a Learn to Play or Late Night session of Werewolf, or just be spontaneous!

RPG Invasion!

Roleplaying games invade the Thud parlour! Come along and play a Discworld RPG, participate in a Fiasco, or go on a deeply stupid and lethal Goblin Quest.

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Just Shoot Me: Iconographs

Steamkittens Photo Shoot

Famed convention cosplay (and cute animal) photographer Steamkittens will be taking photos between the Maskerade and the Gala Dinner on Saturday. You can see his amazing work here.

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Every citizen on the Discworld Grand Tour (that's you!) will be issued with a passport - inside you can collect stamps by participating in various activities, taking lots of iconographs and going to visit some cruel and unusual geography. Collect at least 6 out of the 7a stamps on each page and you can take home a very special secret surprise! Click here for more information.

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Other Things to See and Do

The Soak - Dealers Room

Come along and visit our wonderful sprawling market of stalls (well, six tables) and buy lots of little trinkets. From convention souvenir t-shirts and hats through to jewellery, books, board games and corsetry.

Reading Corner

Sometimes you just want to relax a bit and get away from the hustle and bustle of a busy tour. At most times of the convention, you will be able to do so in the peaceful tranquility of Oi Dong. Here we will have a reading corner with a small library of books, which you are welcome to peruse, sit and have a bit of quiet time away from noisier activities.

GNU Terry Pratchett

We all want to remember Terry in our own way - and the Terry Pratchett Memorial mural will give you a chance to write your own note in memory of Sir Terry's life and works.

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Wine and Gourmet Tours

Join us for one final chapter in the convention story on Monday, 7 August 2017 by spending a day exploring the delectable delights and tantalising tastes of the Adelaide Hills on the Wine and Gourmet Tours. Pre-purchased Ticket Holders only. Click here for more information.

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