Charity Auction


Charity Auction

Sponsored by Dymocks Adelaide

It is a fine and grand tradition of all Discworld Conventions to have an auction of collectables and memorabilia to raise money for charity. The Charity Auction will be held on Sunday 6th August, and you'll want to be there to bid for some rare and highly sought after items, generously donated by our sponsors, guests and community.

In addition, there is also a Silent Auction - that is, rather than the auction being live and being presided over by auctioneers, you simply just write your name, membership number and bid down on a sheet of paper.

Just some of the auction items we have already!Just some of the auction items we have already!

Donating Items

We already have quite a lot of really great items to auction, but if you have something you would like to donate to the auction, please contact us to let us know what it is! However, please keep in mind that anything donated needs to appeal to fans, so it should be unique or rare or have high value as a collectable. The more valuable, the more money will be able to raise for our charities!

Our Charities

Alzheimer's Australia SA

There are more than 413,106 Australians living with dementia. Alzheimer's Australia SA provides policy, advocacy, information and support services for people living with dementia and families and carers of people with dementia. Some of the programs and services they provide are:

  • The National Dementia Helpline - taking calls from people wanting advice, information, referrals to services, or who just need to hear a friendly voice;
  • Dementia and Memory Community Centres - where people can access a range of services including counselling, education courses, library and information services, and take part in recreational activities;
  • The Living with Memory Loss Program - a specially tailored program of information, advice and support for people in the early stages of dementia and their families and carers, to help them to come to terms with their condition and plan for the future;
  • Free counselling - for people with dementia. their families and carers;
  • Carer Support Groups - giving carers of people with dementia a chance to discuss their issues with other people in a similar situation in a safe and supportive environment;
  • Education - Alzheimer's Australia also run nationally-accredited training programs for families and carers and people who work in the field of dementia.

Aboriginal Literacy Foundation

By almost all socioeconomic indicators, Australia's Indigenous young people are the most disadvantaged group in the nation. There is a significant gap in the English literacy rates of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Australia, which the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation is working to minimise. Research also shows that Indigenous homes have fewer books and educational resources. This is particularly an issue in remote communities, where almost two thirds of children cannot access a library. These factors are clearly linked to children's achievements at school and in the development of English literacy skills.

The primary beneficiaries of the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation-s programs are Indigenous children aged between 8 and 16 years. The priority of the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation is to provide ongoing literacy programs and opportunities for Indigenous young people through education and community based initiatives such as:

  • Books for Learning Program - provides literacy resources to help enhance reading and learning at home by encouraging children to read, and also parents to read with their children.
  • Literacy & Heritage Camps - Every year the Aboriginal Literacy Foundation conducts a number of Literacy and Heritage Camps. These camps benefit hundreds of Indigenous children and family members throughout Victoria.
  • ASPIRE Program for girls and Attain Program for boys - academic tutelage and personal mentoring, which has been built to advance the education and life possibilities of young Indigenous girls and boys.
  • Healthy Living Series - a set of four early reading books that have been especially written and designed for young Aboriginal children. Using the phonics method, these books are set in the Australian outback, Aboriginal characters in each book explore themes related to healthy and happy lifestyles.