Gala Dinner


You are cordially invited to the Discworld Grand Tour Gala Dinner

Around the Disc in 7a Courses1

a whirlwind, steampunk culinary trip around the Disc.

Celebrate the coming of the Age of Steam with your fanciest dress2, best dancing shoes, and appetite of wizardly proportions.

This dinner will be a grand tour of the Disc, so please let us know where you would like to visit for a few hours.

The buffet provided by our gracious hosts will cater for all dietary necessities, and there will be music with rocks in and other activities to keep you entertained.

We hope to see you there!

1 Well, two or three.

2 While we welcome and encourage costumes, don't feel like you have to wear one. However, the Gala Dinner is a fancy occasion, so you are encouraged to wear something nice.