Mr Shine's Thud Parlour


Re-stage the Battle of Koom Valley!!! Send a Clacks message round the Discworld!!! Take control of Ankh-Morpork!!! Become a better Witch than Granny Weatherwax (if you can)!!! Join the City Watch and help return the Eight Great Spells to the Unseen University!!!

Come along to Mr Shine’s Thud Parlour and try your hand at these wonderful Discworld games:

  • Thud
  • Clacks
  • Ankh-Morpork
  • Witches
  • Guards! Guards!

Copies of all the above will be available to play. There will be cool-headed trolls (volunteers) on hand to help with the rules and some scheduled learn to play sessions.

To commemorate the Discworld Grand Tour, local artists have been commissioned to create Discworld versions of some popular 'Roundworld' games. Play as a member of the City Watch delivering a Love Letter from Lady Sybil to Commander Vimes, or retrieve Granny Weatherwax's missing keepsakes in Magic Missive. Try and avoid ending the universe by not collecting Pairs of Rincewind or steam across Ankh-Morpork in Ticket to Ride. Finally play the party game for horrible people Cards Against Discworld.

But beware there may be Werewolves lurking in the room, you will have to work with fellow travellers to hunt them down before they pounce (Please ensure you do not mistake Sergeant Angua for one of her wilder cousins – it will not end well for you!)

If you prefer to tell stories and throw dice around, be sure to attend the RPG Invasion! for a bit of pen and paper role-playing.

Also on offer will be a variety of Round World board games to play, so don't miss your chance to try a new game or meet new friends playing old favourites.

Board games have always been a staple at past Discworld conventions. As many members of the committee are troll sized board game nerds, Nullus Anxietas VI will be no different, with a games room for use during the convention. It will be a space where both people who are new to board games can come in and learn, as well as provide space for the aforementioned nerds to get their board game fix.

We encourage all travellers on the Grand Tour to visit Mr Shine’s Thud Parlour.

 “Heaps good place, many stars” - Detritus