Vaudeville Le Maskerade


Make your Discworld Grand Tour unforgettable with an afternoon at the

Vaudeville Le Maskerade

Situated in the heart of the historical city Quirm, not only famous for its fine cheese, wine, weather, air and water1, this tourist delight has an unforgettable mix of culture, creativity and natural wonder.

See the spectacular array of entertainment as never before seen on the Disc. You will witness a realm of sights and sounds in a showcase of:

  • dynamic Talent acts, 
  • the classic Costume Swish and Twirl,
  • and the cosmos of Cosplay, combining gaudy costumes and terrific talent.

The size, scale and scope of Vaudeville Le Maskerade is unequalled in the Discworld.

Oh sure, occasionally, you may get someone special in the Cavern Club of Ankh Morpork or The Axe Bottle, or see some fancy skirt lifts and high kicks at the Red Windmill, but you will see all that and more here at Vaudeville Le Maskerade.

One event, under the one roof, all in the one afternoon!

As part of your Vaudeville Le Maskerade experience, you have the opportunity to be one of the performers.

If you have a talent you wish to share with us... can you sing? Dance? Tell jokes? Have a skit you wish to perform? Then join us in the Talent category.

Do you have a wonderful costume or costume piece you wish to show the audience? Join us in the Costume Swish and Twirl category.

Do  you have a wonderful costume that you have created plus a fabulous act that you wish to perform? Join in on the cosmos of Cosplay category.

Come one, come all, the audience wants to see it!

Spaces are limited so get your act and/or costume idea together now!

Twoflower Loud Shirt Competition

Calling all Twoflowers and all those who dareth to weareth the loud shirt - The Discworld Grand Tour presents: The Twoflower Loud Shirt Competition!

 We hereby offer you the "no frills" ultimate Grand Tour experience. Be part of Vaudeville Le Maskerade without having to do anything much. Rincewind's favourite ideal.

"That sounds not too exciting", "That sounds like something I could handle", "What do I have to do?" I hear you say...

The only thing you will need to do is wear your best loud shirt (e.g. a Hawaiian shirt) and show it off on stage. This event will be held between acts during Vaudeville Le Maskerade. It's a group thing, so safety in numbers. You don't have to sing, don't have to dance.



1 which is actually liquid!