“The Citie of Ankh-Morpork requests that alle foreign visitors to the city possess a Passport, beinge for the safe and proper identification of Notables, Folk and Sundrie others visiting on thye Discworld Grand Tour”

- By Order, Lord Vetinari, Patrician of Ankh-Morpork

At Nullus Anxietas VI, we want you to have fun and meet all of your fellow attendees and if you can collect stamps which go towards earning you a super secret souvenir while doing it, why not?

In your convention pack, you will be given a Passport, corresponding to one of four Discworld nations. Inside the passport will be a series of tasks to complete around the convention, such as taking cool iconographs with fellow convention attendees, conquering the Thud parlour, taking part in convention activities, and some cool mystery tasks - think of it as a social scavenger hunt!

Once you’ve completed most of the tasks in your passport, you can have it checked off for a cool little memento only available at Passport Control!

Ask Us About Stamps!

  • Do I have to get my passport stamped?
    No, you may participate in the passport game as much or as little as you like
  • What if I’ve got no pockets?
    The Passport will be a handy-dandy size that will fit with your convention pass
  • Do I get to pick my nation?
    No, but you’ll get stamps for completing tasks with your fellow citizens - and with those of other
  • What happened to the Guilds (an activity at previous conventions)?
    We’ve decided to try this instead of the guilds - you’ll still have a chance to do some activities with your “nation” if you like!
  • What’s a mystery task?
    Well, it wouldn’t be a mystery if we told you now, would it?
  • What do I get for completing it?
    It wouldn’t be a mystery if we told you that, either, would it?