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Badge Number Name


If you have any inquiries about membership, please be sure to contact us. This includes:

  • You would like your name to be hidden from this list
  • You want to confirm your membership number (because you can't find it below)
  • You want to change the name of one of the ticket holders under your name (because you bought more than one)
  • You want to know how much more you need to pay to upgrade to an attending member ticket
  • or anything else!

Please contact us if any of this applies to you!

Badge Number Name
A666 Silas T. Firefly
S001 Sarah Brown
S002 Danielle Clarke
S003 Danielle Clarke [second ticket]
A004 Pat Harkin
A005 Jan Harkin
S006 Debra Robertson
C007 Tony Wood
C008 Narelle Cairns
S009 Nathan Cooper
S010 Jordan Engstrom
S011 Grace Francis
S012 Nicholas Heath
S013 Yemaya Holliday
C014 Lisa Lagergren
A015 David Cook
A016 Hidden
A017 Hidden
C018 Stephen Lewis
S019 Stephen Lewis [second ticket]
S020 Ruth Matthews
S021 Fleur Paskins
S022 Wendy Rahtz
S023 Wendy Rahtz [second ticket]
C024 Danny Sag
S025 Helen Christie
A026 Elizabeth Spiegel
A027 Chris Spiegel
A028 Jenny Brown
S029 Krystel Hewett
A030 Catherine Kinder
A031 Catherine Kinder [second ticket]
A032 Hidden
C033 Heath McDonald
S034 Heath McDonald [second ticket]
S035 Heath McDonald [third ticket]
S036 Philip Neven
A037 Jessica Brosnan
S038 Alison Butterworth
S039 Aimee Ford
S040 Lucy Topp
S041 Alexandra Ware
S042 Justin Baldock
S043 Justin Baldock [second ticket]
S044 Michael Butler
S045 Michael Butler [second ticket]
S046 Michael Butler [third ticket]
S047 Michael Butler [fourth ticket]
S048 Michael Butler [fifth ticket]
C049 Anne Peavey
S050 Roger Bessell
S051 Heather Robertson
S052 Heather Robertson [second ticket]
S053 Heather Robertson [third ticket]
S054 Gwyn Thomas
S055 Gwyn Thomas [second ticket]
C056 Ilona Bartsch
S057 Anika Duffy
S058 Anika Duffy [second ticket]
S059 Sue Kenworthy
S060 Vanessa Hall
S061 Hugh O'Connor
S062 Hidden
C063 Joanne Van Raaphorst
S064 Deb Zander
S065 Natalie Haigh
S066 Cathy Langley
S067 Cathy Langley [second ticket]
S068 Peter Leske
S069 Damien Tonkin
S070 Caro Vos
A071 Simon L Evans
S072 Dianne Gilbert
S073 Robert Holliday
S074 Miriam Holt
S075 David Ruwoldt
S076 David Ruwoldt [second ticket]
S077 Laura Walker
S078 Sally Jordan-Peck
S079 Adam Hobson
C080 Sally Smith
S081 Marah Weston
S082 Gary Smith
S083 Jennifer Blaikie
S084 Chris Sloan
S085 Cecilia Clark
S086 Fran Macdonald
S087 Catherine Stapleton
C088 Suzie Eisfelder
C089 Sally Gridley
S090 Kimberley Beattie
S091 Clare McDonald
C092 Miriam Eisfelder
S093 Sally Nelson
C094 Stuart Hodge
S095 Erika Petersen
S096 Elaine Minty
S097 Mike Blake
S098 Thomas Bull
S099 Kurt Frank
S100 Victoria Howarth
S101 Victoria Howarth [second ticket]
S102 Seona Bellamy
S103 Karen Jensen
A104 Sam Tupper
S105 Pat Allan
S106 Amanda Kroker
A107 Jörg Plate
C108 Ula Wilmott
A109 Fee Hamilton
A110 Kelly Hillsley
A111 Lance Troy
A112 Madeleine Tranter
S113 Ian Cockburn
S114 Angela Cockburn
S115 Hannah Venables
A116 Jessalyn Cummings
A117 Bethani Bonetti
A118 Shane Bonetti