The program is currently seeking volunteers to run program items!

The convention runs on the efforts of volunteers, and you could be one of them!  We've provided here a brainstorm list to help inspire you, if something here makes you think "I could do that..." or "That gives me an idea..." or even "I could do something completely different..." -  get in touch!

A number of regular items are already being organised by enthusiastic fans, which is why you won't see them on this list.  However if you think we may have missed something, or just want to help out with your favourite items, then please send your mail to:

Agatean Chocolate Challenge
Annotated Pratchett
Badge Making
Bar-Room-Brawl (Stagefighting)
Belly Dancing (or other dance styles)  
Board Games
Bonsai Mountain Making
Book Discussion  
BS Johnson Lego Master Builder
Build a Clacks  
Card/Bookmark Making
Chain Maille
Chaos Art workshop
Chaos Costuming
Charades / Drama Games
Clacks vs Mail Race
Costuming Workshops
Create a Shambles
Dark Morris
Desert Island Books
Discworld Futurism (eg: What would Moist think of Bitcoin?)
Discworld QI
Discworld Stamps  
Eyebrow Raising Competition
Feet of Clay
Feminism and the Discworld
Food Workshop(s) (Everyone loved the NA6  cheese... )
Grocer's Apostrophe
Historical Swordfighting
LGBTI+ and Discworld
Magical Pop-Up Market
Make a Golem
Making Art
Making Music
Masterchef Discworld Style
Morris Dancing
Morse/Semaphore/telegraph workshop
Murder Mystery
News from Forn Parts (International Discworld Community)
Paint your own…
Paper Planes
Papercraft masks
Parody Songwriting
Play or Radioplay
Postmans Walk (obstacle course)
Puppet Workshop
Roundworld Stamps
Roundworld Golems
Social Action Letter Writing
Songs of Praise
Stamp-making workshop
The Turn-Up Prize   (Art show ?)
Toast and Jam (Music/Filk)
What Duck / Blind Letter Office / Wossnames.