What People Said about Nullus Anxietas VI


What people said about Nullus Anxietas VI - The Discworld Grand Tour - Australian Discworld Convention 2017:

"I liked the klatches and workshops. loved the variety of games in the games area."

"I enjoyed geeking out with everybody about their cosplays and hearing about past exploits. I could feel future war stories being created. I enjoyed showing off my own cosplay, which I have wanted to share with people who get it without having to be told, and could just love it as much as I did. I had a blast. Have never had a convention experience like it."

"Stephen Briggs was very giving of his time"

"The creative detail was amazing. The sign artwork, the goodies bags. Everyone was of good cheer, super helpful and always patient. The auction was fabulous."

"It was great - and essential - that the guests made themselves readily available allthe way through the convention."

"My favourite thing was the Passports and the stamp collecting - it was a lot of fun and a great way to get to meet new people and reconnect with familiar faces. And the satisfaction of completing and gaining the grand (lousy keyring) prize was immense. Cheers!"

"I enjoyed every event I went to. Frankly there is enough on at any one time; why stay and not enjoy an event."

"Extremely well organised! Great support for newbies like me. Loved the con bag. Fantastic panels and guests."

"I appreciated how welcoming everyone was and the professional manner that it was run."

"I loved meeting all the other fans and talking about books and Terry, Passport stamp activities and getting to cosplay as different characters."

"Stephen Briggs, Daniel Knight and Pat Harkin were so approachable and easy to chat to."

"It was great especially unscheduled guest appearance in David Lloyd's Klatch by Rob Wilkins (on the phone)"

"My favourite thing was the variety of workshops, panels and shows. There's too many things that I enjoyed to just pick one favourite thing. I enjoyed Matt Falloon's and Martin Pearson's shows. I enjoyed What Duck?, and the Unseen Theatre play. The Gala Dinner was fun. Too many things to mention!"

"I loved What Duck? (Discworld Celebrity Head), because of all the references to specific and sometimes obscure characters. I also loved the passport challenge, as it had a variety of activities to do and things to figure out, and a mix of individual and communal activities."

"It's the first convention I've ever been to, and I loved it. Mostly because of the people, and also the range of interesting activites, and those two things are the reason I've already bought a supporting ticket to the next one."

"Stephen Briggs was lovely and so involved in things, which was great."

"I enjoyed everything! The variety of activities, the smooth running, the chance to catch up with like minded people, the ability to make Discworld puns and be UNDERSTOOD!"

"There were so many good things!  I loved the goodie bags we received upon registration - they looked amazing and were very useful [and Fruchocs for the win!]; the hand-made mini-plates we received at the Gala dinner were beautiful - well done that crafty genius; the workshops were good and I regret not getting along to all of them; most of all though, the organisers who were thoroughly on top of things the whole time and made the event run so smoothly.  These are a few of my favourite things."

"My favourite thing was the encouragement to engage in the variety of different activities available at the convention, particularly via the passports. The passports also acted as a delightful ice-breaker where we would feel okay to approach completely new people to request entertaining favours, including playing dead on the floor, or being arrested."

"The guests were excellent. Loved listening to people who knew Terry and hearing stories of what it was like to work with him."

"My favourite thing was being immersed in all things Discworld. My first con was everything I hoped for and more. So much to do and participate in. I am already looking forward to attending the workshops/gatherings I didn't get to. The Dark Morris and Feet of Clay are on my agenda to name a couple. Missed the chance to learn to play Thud. Did enjoy a good singsong to start Sundays at Songs of Praise. So much fun, thank you, thank you, thank you."

"The Opening and Closing Ceremonies were quite moving.Sugarbean's Cheese Trolley was a gastronomic delight. Vaudeville le Maskerade was fun.The Charity Auction was exciting. The Gala Dinner was delish."

"The Passports! Made even little old introverted me interact with people I didn't know :)"

"Big thanks to the Organising Committee, it was wonderful and the tourists were so friendly! There was no "clique-ey-ness" (awkward word, but you know what I mean), people were always willing to add one more at a table, or to a conversation."

"Met lots of friendly people it was really inclusive."

"Stephen Briggs was awesome, it would be so cool if he lead a drama workshop or something like that."

"The passport was really cool and a lot of fun. It encouraged participation and getting to things."

"Was an amazing convention. Probably my favourite of all I have been to."

Thanks to everyone who filled in our attendees survey after the convention!