The Lakes Resort Hotel

The Discworld Grand Tour will take you to the fabulous Lakes Resort Hotel, at 141 Brebner Drive, West Lakes, in Adelaide's suburbs.

Every hotel room at the Lakes Resort overlooks the lovely West Lakes, and so do many of the function rooms that we will be using.

Unfortunately, the hotel will be undergoing renovations during the convention, but we will still be able to access all our function rooms and the hotel's Bistro and Bar (Dijabringabeeralong).

Hotel rooms are available from the base level suite to the spa suites - so you can indulge yourself with a fancy room if you want to!

The Hotel is directly opposite a Westfield Shopping Centre, so there are plenty of places to grab a cheap lunch or dinner, or even go for a supermarket run for those necessary snacks to last you through the convention.

For more information about the Lakes Resort Hotel, please visit their website.

To book your room for the convention, please follow the instructions on this page.