Brisbane - Pratchett Partisans


Hi and welcome to Brisbane's only Pratchett Social group - the Pratchett Partisans. We usually meet up twice a month to do a variety of Discworld themed activities including Scavenger Hunts, Murder Mystery parties, trivia and games afternoons and anything else that takes our fancy.

Our events for 2017 have included various Pratchett Chats, a Booklover's Mini Golf, boardgame afternoons, a Discworld themed scavenger hunt, and our continuing Dining Around the Disc dinners which we hold every two months. This year we will also be attending the opening night of 'Lords and Ladies' at Brisbane arts theatre in September and holding our 3rd Murder Mystery party - Murder on the Uberwald Express - in July. 

The Partisans are also heavily involved in planning, organising and running 'Hogswatch in July'. This is a fun family friendly Discworld themed day with stalls, Discworld games, a costume competion, a great bake sale a second hand book stall and lots of food! We are resting HiJ in 2017 so we hope to see you there next year for an even bigger and better event.

Catch up with all the fun in our facebook group or send me an email for more info:

Hope to see you at an event soon. Ula.