Nullus Anxietas VI


The Discworld Grand Tour

Nullus Anxietas VI - The Discworld Grand Tour - The Australian Discworld Convention will be held at the Lakes Resort Hotel, West Lakes, Adelaide, SA, on August 4-6, 20171.

There will be a wealth of activities and attractions for Discworld and Terry Pratchett fans of all ages - so come and explore the wonders of Discworld with us!

The Discworld Grand Tour theme allows us to do almost anything Tourism or Travel related... it's a broad brush for us to work with.

So think of the whole wide Discworld and everywhere someone would like to travel.

Twoflower started the whole tourism phase in The Colour of Magic and by Raising Steam we have trains crossing the Disc, which of course opens a whole new world of travel for the ordinary citizen.

So we're kind of combining the whole idea of tourism, travel, geography, parodying the travel industry from the Colonial "Grand Tour" / exploration to the turn of the century World's fairs all the way up to modern tourism and tourism expos.

Check out the various pages via the navigation menus to the left or above to find out more about all there will be to see and do!

1With bonus post-convention Wine & Gourmet Tours on Mon 7th Aug 2017


What people said about Nullus Anxietas V...

  • "Everyone. Seriously. An awesome and enjoyable Con. You all totally rock!!" - Stephen Briggs
  • "I marvel at the quality of the Nullus Anxietas V Convention for not merely did it hold my attention at no point did it exacerbate my intractable distractibility. I am not the sort of person who attends "Cons" but Sir Terry's work has profoundly affected my life and manner of thinking, so given his recent passing I felt a duty to be present out of respect and gratitude. I arrived with trepidation and left feeling elevated, it was uplifting, illuminating and entertaining."
  • "That was an amazing weekend. Thank you all for being such lovely, friendly (and a tad insane) people."
  • "My favourite thing was spending time with everyone- especially chatting with Stephen Briggs for hours and hanging out with Rob Wilkins much more than I expected to! The guilds were a lot of fun, the klatches were great, and the gala dinner and dance was amazing, and all the creative workshops were absolutely fantastic."
  • "I've got two faves: The trial of Vetinari was great fun. Great personalities on stage and fun script (even if not exactly followed - especially that, actually!) I played the Murder in Morpork game, and that was when I really got to know a few people. This was my first Discworld con, and it was this event & the Quiz that helped me chat with strangers and discover I liked them a lot. The break in the middle of the murder game was especially good as we got to have a drink, drop the act and chat as ourselves. Having already 'introduced' ourselves as characters, the ice was so broken we may have pushed global warming along."
  • "The Maskerade was of a fabulous standard this year. I thoroughly enjoyed the klatches and the crafts. I spent way-too-much money at the dealers stands (and would have spent more if I wasn't so worried about the weight limits of my luggage). The promotion for the 2017 convention was great because it shows that it is continuing on."
  • "You have the right types of events for the perfectly sized convention audience for this interest group. You achieved quality production and design without being so slick as to be distracting. Oddly enough I believe your limitations in terms of resources and budget fostered a better result in terms of personal engagement and focus. All that aside the best aspect was the people, you were excellent to each other."
  • "And can I just say I had the best time ever...But in all seriousness I cried, I laughed, everyone was excellent and thank you from the bottom of my heart"