Example Maskerade Entry


Want to know what makes a great Maskerade entry? We really love to see acts that are:

  • Short,
  • Funny or Entertaining, and
  • Related in some way to Terry Pratchett or the Discworld.

Here's a wonderful example, from the UK Discworld Convention in 2016, written and performed by Vincent Oberheim

Good evening. I am Brother Barker of the Fools’ Guild.
I am also Master Barker of the Assassins’ Guild.
And I am here this evening to talk to you about our Joint Scholarship Programme.
Do you want to be Dead Funny?
Could you have them rolling to a stop in the aisles?
Then sign up today!

Many a young Fool has the dexterity and intensity needed to inhume.
And many an Assassin possesses a rapier wit.
We intend to help our students excel equally in both the art of inhumation and pratfalls. This should make it a more pleasant experience for all involved.
Imagine the satisfaction of knowing your client passed in to the next world with a smile on his face.

Our study extends to the use of high-velocity custard pies, the cast iron bladder-on-a-stick, and the classic bucket-of-cement-over-the-door.
Our Igor tells me he should have the acid spraying buttonhole ready by the end of the week. There is a man who will keep you in stitches.

Clowns – put your audience out of their misery!
Fools – take aim with a loaded pun!
Mimes… Well… Less said, soonest ended.

So, if you wish to subject those around you to a slow, painful, joke…
If you can provide belly laughs and a stab in the back…
If you can be deadpan, while corpsing... Join us!

My door is always – a jar.
I say, I say, I slay. Goodnight.