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Australian Discworld Convention Press Release

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For immediate release. 16 April 2019

Locals may have seen some odd sights this last weekend: Witches, Wizards, trolls, and other fantastic creatures were seen wandering the streets and shops of Preston.

The Australian Discworld Convention 2019 celebrated Sir Terry Pratchett's book "Going Postal" at Bell City Preston from Friday 12th April to Sunday 14th April 2019.

Going Postal is one of 41 books in Pratchett's fantasy Discworld series - a comedy series based on a flat world with satirical links to our own round world.


Organising chairperson Suzie Eisfelder said "The works of Terry Pratchett are among the most popular in the world, I believe second only to JK Rowling."

"This year's convention was themed on the Discworld novel 'Going Postal' - but we always celebrate all of the Discworld. Like many events based on fiction and cult works, we had a huge turnout of people attending in character costume, like I am here in my golden suit. Just call me Moist" blushed a grinning Eisfelder.

Eisfelder declared the convention a success stating "We had around 250 attendees attend a variety of events including the Australian premier of the Full version of the highly anticipated short film 'Troll Bridge' as well as interviews with special guests including Tansy Rayner Roberts and Steven Briggs"

"Being modern, there was a live podcast from Pratchat - a podcast dedicated to discussing every Pratchett book"

Excited and wide-eyed, Eisfelder told us about the Costume (CosPlay) competition: "The Maskerade event was just overflowing with such creative talent - the passion of these people in putting together these costumes and contraptions is just amazing. We had winner Miranda Sjaarda dressed as the Goddess Anoia - the goddess responsible for cutlery which gets stuck in drawers - performing a dance routine called 'Rattle Your Drawers' with the element of her cutlery clanging as she danced adding to the brilliance of the routine.

People were awed and shouted the catch cry of 'Mr Shine, Him Diamond!' when winner of the 'Swish & Twirl' category Alexandra Ware arrived on stilts, pushing her height to more than 2 metres, dressed in a bejewelled face mask of diamonds, completing her imposing character of Mr Shine with a black coat. Alexandra was assisted by valet Bart Kemp who assisted Mr Shine to not stomp on any Muggles.

People's choice award winner for Best Costume in Con was won by Karl Schaffarczyk, painted in blue, and wearing a kilt and sword in his portrayal of Nac Mac Feegle 'A bit larger than Slightly smaller than Wee Jock Jock Jock'.

Cutest of all was Nelly Theresia's portrayal of Green Meadow and her Mini Luggage - The Luggage is a many footed creature in the Discworld, and Green Meadow and the Mini Luggage was just brilliant. Nelly was awarded an runner's-up encouragement award."

When asked about the best part of the convention Eisfelder reflected "The people. I've been to many conventions, I meet many amazing people and every time I make great new friends. I think Terry Pratchett wrote books which show us our humanity, and his writings bring out the very best in people."

"The next Discworld Convention in Melbourne will be in six years time, and the next Australian Convention will be held in Sydney in July 2021. People interested in joining in for local events in the Victorian Discworld Klatch can find us on Facebook" said Eisfelder.

Media enquiries to: Suzie Eisfelder (aka Moist): 0407829777