NA7 Gala Dinner Ticket

  • NA7 Gala Dinner Ticket

Stanley Howler cordially invites you to the Ankh-Morpork Post Office Gala Dinner

Dinner buffette style

with entertainment and lots of food (enough to satisfy even the heartiest of wizarding appetites).

Celebrate the reopening of the Ankh-Morpork Post Office in your best style. While we understand you might not dress up all fancy-like all the time, we do encourage you to wear something in the line of clothes otherwise the Watch may have words with you.

The buffette provided by our gracious hosts will cater for all dietary necessities. The entertainment will be second to none and there will be music to bang the rocks together by.

We hope to see you there!

Please see the Gala Dinner page for more information.

NOTE: Gala Dinner tickets are available only to convention attendees.

Please find your membership number on the membership list when purchasing. If you do not have a membership number yet, or don't know it, don't worry, we'll find it for you.

When listing your dietary requirements, please be as detailed as possible - we will communicate with the hotel to try and ensure all food intolerances and allergies are catered for - and we may contact you with further questions if required.

Gala Dinner Tickets are only on sale until 12th March 2019.

If there are no tickets remaining, please fill in this form to go on a waiting list in case of cancellation.

  • $90.00

So we know who to put on the seating plan

Check the Membership List

Please be as detailed as you can be.

We will do our best but no guarantees!

  • $90.00

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