Bad News, Good News


From: Lord Vetinari, The Oblong Office, Ankh-Morpork

Subject: The Australian Discworld Convention 2022 - 8th to 10th April, Sydney

and Virtual Hogswatch - 11th December, 2021

The Bad News: Cancellation of the Australian Discworld Convention, April 2022

Keith the hippo is sad

After careful consideration of the current COVID situation, we have sadly taken the decision to cancel the planned Australian Discworld Convention in Sydney in April 2022. Because of the continuing uncertainty about travel within Australia and from overseas, as well as the risk of future outbreaks, we could not be confident that we could run a safe and successful convention. This decision was not taken lightly.

We have already emailed Attending and Supporting Members about this decision with information on the next steps. If you did not receive this email, please contact us with your membership number.

The Good News: Virtual Hogswatch is NEXT WEEK!

Roderick the hippo in the Hogfather's sleigh

On a positive note, the Virtual Hogswatch event is going ahead as planned on Saturday 11th December. This is open to all Attending and Supporting Members1. And you can still buy a Supporting Membership if you would like to - well - support us. We would love to see you there and finish a very challenging year on a high note. It will follow the same format as The Lost Con virtual event in July but all the content is new. (And if you missed The Lost Con, you can still watch some of the highlights on our YouTube channel.)

We have lots of fun activities planned:

  • Hogswatch Crafts2 and Carols
  • a Discworld Game Show3
  • a virtual Escape Room set in the Hogfather's Grotto that you can take part in
  • interviews with some special guests including Professor Ian Stewart, and Andrew Baker (producer of the upcoming "The Amazing Maurice" film).
  • And more! You can find details - including the provisional schedule - on our website.

If you fancy spending some time with your friends in the escape room: Sign up for a session here! Get in fast before all slots are taken.

For those of you who are handy with a needle and thread5, we've just released some seasonal virtual merchandise - a new Hogswatch Cross Stitch Pattern. Find it in the shop!

Hogswatch cross stitch pattern

Information on how to attend Virtual Hogswatch will be sent out to all members shortly (including a discount code to get your virtual merchandise for FREE6) - with reminders following later in the week. We hope to see you there!

Possibly Good News: The future!

Even though we won't be getting together in person in April, that doesn't mean that the Australian Discworld Convention is going away! Without promising anything concrete7 just yet, we are considering a third virtual event in April. We will be looking for your feedback on this at Virtual Hogswatch.

After that, plans for the next Australian Discworld Convention may get underway, so we can all meet again in person sometime in the next few years when this pandemic no longer dominates our plans.

If you're keen for interaction with other Discworld fans in between the conventions, why not do things with your local fan club - there are active groups in most parts of Australia - you can find out all about them here! Many of them meet monthly, or even more often, for social gatherings of all sorts. (And if your local one doesn't seem to be doing much right now, why not suggest a picnic or a casual get-together so you can start getting activities rolling!)

Merchandise still available!

Would you like a fancy pin to wear on your shirt, jacket, kilt or spog? How about a lovely watch chain, from your old fiends in the, Watch? Or just practice good hygiene with an Australian Discworld Convention face mask? All of these - plus some virtual merchandise for Virtual Hogswatch and The Lost Con - are available in our shop. Check them out!

City Watch Watch ChainsAustralian Discworld Convention Face MaskKilt Pins

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1 Whether you have been naughty or nice.

2 You can find a list of materials to make your Hogswatch cards on our website.

3 Where you could be one of the lucky4 contestants.

4 Definition of "lucky" not supplied.

5 i.e. seamstresses, perhaps?

6 CMOT Dibbler is crying at hte very thought of this concept!

7 Or even good old Ankh Morpork silt.