Hogswatch is coming (to you)


From: Lord Vetinari, The Oblong Office, Ankh-Morpork

Subject: The Australian Discworld Convention 2022 - 8th to 10th April, Sydney

Virtual Hogswatch is Coming

In these uncertain times, one thing your convention team does know is that Hogswatch is coming. So we have decided1 to throw a virtual Hogswatch party.

It will be on Saturday, 11th December, 2021. And it's free2 to all our ticket-holding members! (Attending or Supporting.)

The format will be similar to the Lost Con3, but with new events, guests, games and the chance for some festive carol singing4.

Have you been good? Have you been naughty? Will the Hogfather leave you something exciting or just a piece of coal?5

This is a chance to throw on your festive gear and join us for a virtual party.

Hogfather on his sleigh

The Discworld Game Show

As part of Virtual Hogswatch, we are planning a game show.6 You may be familiar with the format. We will have a panel of contestants (plus you can play along at home). The host asks them a simple but open-ended Discworld-related question. And they have to guess what answers the surveyed audience chose. (And there's a secret surprising twist!)

For this we need a lot of answers from our audience - and our audience is you, dear readers. So please follow this link, look at the questions and give us your answers: https://forms.gle/7RcEdEKgsMMRE8VUA

Face Masks

"There's a kind of magic in masks. Masks conceal one face, but they reveal another." — Terry Pratchett, Maskerade.

When there are troubles on the streets of Ankh-Morpork, the people band together to show their unity, bravado, and willingness to look after their fellow human7. I am, of course, joking, because we all know what our citizens are really like. However, when many band together, there is always one who will try to sell them something. That person is usually C.M.O.T. Dibbler, and, in our current unfortunate circumstances, I am willing to allow him to "cash in", as they say, on this opportunity to assist with public health and safety.

Thus, Mr Dibbler is proud to announce a range of special Australian Discworld Convention face masks, available exclusively from our store, in three surprising colours, and featuring the convention logo. These masks are dual layer with an insertable filter (two filters are supplied), and come with a nose bridge wire and size adjusters.

Orange mask on a person's faceBlack face mask with Australian Discworld Convention logoPurple mask on a person's face

Show off your Ankh-Morpork pride by ordering your mask today. I have been assured that the beggar known as Coffin Henry wears all three colours of masks at once to show his duty in protecting the citizenry7a.

Relive the Lost Con (or catch up if you missed it)

All of our videos from The Lost Con can now be found on our YouTube channel, or in this handy playlist. Enjoy all the guest interviews, a special Pratchat, the Maskerade, and lull yourself to a calming sleep with Bedtime Stories.

We'll try to record some of the Virtual Hogswatch event as well, so there'll be more video content in the future!

Many screen shots of The Lost Con

The Truth Crossword Solution

Last Newsletter we included a crossword based on The Truth. (You can find it, and all past newsletters, in our website's News section.) Just be thankful it was not as difficult as the cryptic crosswords from The Ankh-Morpork Times.

Here are the answers to the crossword:

Across: 4. Wallet, 5. Vetinari, 10. Iconographer, 11. Tulip, 12. Terrier, 14. Ankh-Morpork

Down: 1. Twenty Fifth, 2. The Times, 3. Black, 6. Death, 7. William De Worde, 8. Woodworm, 9. Gaspode, 13. Boots

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1 Lord Vetinari has decided. Everyone else just has to jump to it!

2 In normal times we would ask you to bring along something festive to throw on the barbie / fire pit.

3 Similar because it will be online, but nothing repeated from the Lost Con.

4 To be honest, we have no idea how this will work online, but it's going to be fun!

5 In order to reduce his carbon footprint, the Hogfather has promised that this will be symbolic coal.

6 The game show is not based on any Roundworld equivalent - although Gytha Ogg's family feud discussions may have served as inspiration.

7 Or dwarf, troll, gnome, vampire, etc.

7a But I would still advise not standing too close to him.