Journey to the Lost Convention


From: Lord Vetinari, The Oblong Office, Ankh-Morpork

Subject: The Australian Discworld Convention: The Lost Con, 3rd July 2021

Raiders of the Lost Con

The Lost Con: your virtual Discworld Convention

As you know by now, The Lost Con will be a virtual event, running on Saturday 3rd July. The almost definite times are from 4pm until midnight, Sydney time (AEST). We will be posting a schedule of events soon.

It is open (and free) to all attending and supporting members of Nullus Anxietas 7a, our 2022 convention. It's a chance for us all to catch up, meet a few guests and enjoy a few Terry Pratchett and Discworld related events.

If you don't have a supporting membership yet, you can buy one in our shop. Remember that this is also your deposit for attending membership at the non-virtual Discworld convention in Sydney next year, 8th to 10th April, 2022. Buy now and you can upgrade later at the Early Bird price. As Sergeant Detritus would say "EVEN A TROLL CAN SEE DIS IS A GREAT BARGAIN! WHAT YOU WAITING FOR?"

How will it work?

We are running the Lost Con using the Zoom video call platform. We will email out the meeting details and pass code to all members before the event - probably a couple of times1.

If you do not yet have the Zoom app installed on your device2, we encourage you to do so in advance3. You can download the Zoom client for your device here.

Some rules:

We politely4 ask that you do not record the Lost Con, as there are copyright issues with some events. We plan to record some events and post them to our YouTube channel at a later date.

For some events we will allow members to talk and ask questions directly. Please remember that this is a family friendly event in your choice of words.

Be most excellent to each other5,6.

Rule breakers may be forced by Lord Vetinari to endure the kittens.


So who will be there?

Guests #6 are from Discworld Monthly

Jason Anthony-Rowlands of DIscworld MonthlyRachel Anthony-Rowlands of Discworld Monthly

We will be joined by Jason and Rachel Anthony-Rowlands, who not only publish Discworld Monthly but also organised and ran Llamedos on the Clacks, the Welsh virtual Discworld convention.

Discworld Monthly is an email newsletter that has become a regular7 source of news on all things Pratchett, including new editions of his books, films, theatre productions around the world and even fan conventions. Jason started the newsletter in 1997 and it now has about 19,000 subscribers. Why not join them and subscribe today!

Jason and Rachel will be talking to us about producing the newsletter, running a virtual convention and maybe even about how they met at the UK Discworld Convention in 2014.

Questions for guests

If you have any questions for the guests, you can send them to us in advance. If you go to our Contact Us page, there is an option to post a question for one of our guests. Or go to our Facebook group for the Lost Con here. If the guest interview is live and we spot you in the audience, we may invite you to ask the question directly.

We will be pre-recording our interviews with Tansy Rayner Roberts and Karen Carlisle, so please post your questions before 23rd June.

The Virtual Discworld Quiz

We will be running a simple fiendish Discworld quiz as part of the Lost Convention. For this we are using Kahoot. The questions are multiple choice and Kahoot displays lots7a of answers. You just have to choose the right one.

Because our quiz masters will be displaying the questions on the Zoom screen, you may find it easier if you have the Kahoot app running on a separate device e.g. a personal DisOrganiser or smart phone. You can download the Kahoot app from the Apple App store or Google Play, or just use your favourite mobile web browser.

If you want to get a feel for how Kahoot works, then we have posted a couple of quizzes which you can do any time until 30th June.

There will be a scoreboard, with results when the quizzes close. Perhaps you can beat Lord Vetinari9.

And some reminders:

Find out everything about The Lost Con on our website, including:

  • Virtual Maskerade - entries are closed, but keep an eye on the Lost Con Facebook group so you can vote on your favourite!
  • Virtual Escape Room - Find out the secret of the Postmaster's Office.
  • Start studying up for the fiendish quiz!
  • Get the latest headlines at the radio play.
  • Hear interviews with special guests Tansy Rayner Roberts, Pratchat, Karen J Carlisle, Good Omens: The Musical, Discworld Monthly, and Snowgum Films.
  • Join in the discussion on Facebook on our page, in this group for The Lost Con, and at the let us know if you're planning to attend with this event.

And, of course, our usual "more info" section:


1 Because we know how those critical emails hide themselves in your Inbox. You would almost suspect the Internet Imps do it deliberately.

2 PC, laptop, iPad, smart phone or magical omniscope will do.

3 So you do not miss the start of the event while your device does its “installing app” thing. See previous comment about the Internet Imps.

4 "Politely" means the scorpion pit is merely an option!

5 All right… this a Bill and Ted reference. Have you seen the new film? What did you think?

6 Except in a game of Werewolf!

7 It comes out monthly - mostly!

7a In Troll terms, lots = four.

9 Or not if you don’t fancy the scorpion pit. Or the kittens.