Just one year to go!


From: Lord Vetinari, The Oblong Office, Ankh Morpork

Subject: The Australian Discworld Convention 2021 - 2nd to 4th July, Sydney

The convention is coming! - just one year to go!

Those of you with a well organised calendar1 will have realised that it is just one year until the doors open to our next entertaining and educational Discworld Convention on July 2nd, 2021. While a year may seem a very long time in these uncertain days of social distancing and lockdowns, the committee is already very busy2 organising three days of much-needed fun and levity inspired by the works of Sir Terry Pratchett. We are eager to welcome you to the bustling streets of Ankh-Morpork, Citie of 1000 Surprises.

If you are thinking that this is the kind of post-pandemic recuperation that you will need, then perhaps consider buying a Supporting Membership3 in our shop to lock in your place at the convention.

Stay Safe

Remember to wash your hands regularly. Mr Von Lipwig has kindly recorded a demonstration of the correct technique, which you can find here.

Moist hands

In my position as Patrician, and to avoid misunderstandings, it is important that everyone sees that my hands are clean. 4 Particularly if someone political has died unexpectedly (of natural causes).

Vetinari's hands are clean

Next newsletter, the Assassin's Guild has offered to demonstrate social distancing in the course of your work.

Wellcome to Ankh-Morpork

As another teaser, here is a photo looking down the stairs that lead to the venue. We have been assured5 that the chandelier is perfectly safe and firmly affixed to the ceiling.


Troll Bridge - The Film

By now, most of you who supported Snowgum Film's production of Troll Bridge will have received your copy on DVD, BluRay or Streaming. This has been a long labour of love for the team and especially Daniel Knight6, but what an amazing film they have produced! And they totally deserve the awards they collected on the film festival circuit. We take off our hats/helmets/hoods/bonnets/mosses7 to them for a truly incredible creation.

Troll Bridge Poster

To find out more about Troll Bridge, visit https://snowgumfilms.com. If you didn't manage to pledge to the project in time to get a physical copy, you can still pay for access to the Streaming Arena at this link.

More information

You can find official information here at the convention website.

Wild speculation and amusing Discworld Convention stories can be found on Facebook, (and discussion in this group), Twitter, and Instagram.


1 Drumknott keeps my calendar very well organised. He has coloured pins for every eventuality. (These should not be confused with the pins used by the Assassins' Guild, which you should not accept under any circumstances!)

2 Busy or in the scorpion pit - it's their choice.

3 Available at a very reasonable A$40

4 Especially as Mr. De Worde feels he can print any unsubstantiated rumour in the Ankh Morpork Times.

5 By the local Operatic Company

6 Who still had a full head of hair when he started.

7 For the trolls among you.