Let me detain you for a moment...


From: Lord Vetinari, The Oblong Office, Ankh-Morpork

Subject: The Australian Discworld Convention 2022 - 8th to 10th April, Sydney

(and Virtual Hogswatch - 11th December, 2021)

Are you coming? Please let us know!

Mrs Cake's precognition is clouded ...

The History Monks are installing essential upgrades ...

Lord Vetinari's Dark Clerks are puzzled ...

Hippo with a quillIn these uncertain times, no one can be sure what next year will bring. But to help us in planning the convention, we would appreciate your guidance1. What are your concerns about the convention? What are your intentions? What will help you decide whether to attend or not?

We have drafted a short2 questionnaire. It's anonymous - so not even Lord Vetinari can find out who you are!3 Please take a moment to fill it in, using this link4: https://forms.gle/zF8SaTK3sD7aS8FS6

Your answers will make a benign dictator happy5.

Virtual Hogswatch - Saturday 11th December 2021

Death as the HogfatherHogswatch is getting closer, the pig is getting fat, and we are busy making plans for a bit of a party.

Like The Lost Con, this will be a virtual event, free to all our members - supporting or attending. But with new events, guests and plenty of festive cheer.

Why not join in singing some traditional Hogswatch carols6? Or try your hand at making some traditional Hogswatch decorations? Or participate in a Discworld game show from the comfort of your own hovel?

Have you been naughty or have you been nice? What will you find in your stocking? A pork pie? A citrus fruit? Or just a lump of coal?

Join us on Saturday 11th December for some Discworld festive fun. More information will be revealed on our website as Hogswatch draws ever nearer!


Face Masks

Just a reminder that we are selling Australian Discworld Convention face masks, available exclusively from our store, in three surprising colours, and featuring the convention logo. These masks are dual layer with an insertable filter (two filters are supplied), and come with a nose bridge wire and size adjusters.

Orange mask on a person's faceBlack face mask with Australian Discworld Convention logoPurple mask on a person's face

Show off your Ankh-Morpork pride by ordering your mask today!

Just in case ...

While many of us are feeling that we can see the light at the end of the tunnel7, we know that many of you are still concerned that things can change very quickly in these interesting times.

With the assistance of the Guild of Lawyers, we have reviewed our terms and conditions for membership tickets to make provision if we have to postpone or cancel the convention.

You can find more details on our website here and here.

More information


1Yes - you too can join the Dark Clerks.

2Just 10 questions and 2 minutes of your time.

3Or who wrote "free the mimes!" in the comments section.

4Or Lord Vetinari will subcontract the job to the Omnian Inquisition.

5Or at least less inclined to throw us to the kittens!

6Quality of carol singing is down to you!

7This is Iron Girder coming the other way.