On the trail of the Lost Convention


From: Lord Vetinari, The Oblong Office, Ankh-Morpork

Subject: The Australian Discworld Convention: The Lost Con, 3rd July 2021

Raiders of the Lost Con

The Lost Con: your virtual Discworld Convention

As you probably know by now1, The Lost Con will be a virtual event, running on Saturday 3rd July. The almost definite times are from 4pm until midnight, Sydney time (AEST). We will be posting a schedule of events soon.

It is open (and free) to all attending and supporting members of Nullus Anxietas 7a, our 2022 convention. It's a chance for us all to catch up, meet a few guests and enjoy a few Terry Pratchett and Discworld related events.

If you don't have a supporting membership yet, you can buy one in our shop. Remember that this is also your deposit for attending membership at the non-virtual Discworld convention in Sydney next year, 8th to 10th April, 2022. Buy now and you can upgrade later at the Early Bird price. Don't let me detain you from seizing this opportunity.

Save the virtual Maskerade!

I have received disturbing reports that once again mimes are trying to infiltrate this august (or more accurately july) event. So let me make this clear. The Maskerade is an opportunity for all sensible fans of Discworld and the fine city of Ankh-Morpork to show off their favourite costume or prop. I earnestly encourage you to enter as soon as possible and help retain its noble reputation. There is a place for mime2 but not here!

Mimes invade the Maskerade.. and then the Mimes are arrested by the City Watch

New entry date:

To give you time to enter and maintain the dignity of the event, we have extended the entry deadline to Saturday, 19th June 2021.

Remember that your costume or prop can be as complicated or as easy as you can make it. Making a costume doesn't necessarily mean it has to be sewn, it could be pieces you have sourced to put together a character.

It doesn't have to be a newly made costume or prop - please just send in a photo of yourself in costume from a previous Discworld convention or event. All entries considered.

Entering is easy:

So who will be there?

Guest #5 is Tansy Rayner Roberts

Tansy Rayner Roberts3 is an award-winning writer of science fiction, fantasy, feminist essays, and humour. She lives in Tasmania, Australia, with her family.

An enthusiastic fan of Sir Terry Pratchett, she wrote Pratchett's Women, a series of essays on the portrayal of female characters4 in Terry Pratchett's Discworld. She joined us at the last convention to talk about Discworld, fantasy writing and life in general.

We will be pre-recording the interview, so if you have any questions for Tansy, please send them in to us, either on our Lost Con Facebook group or via our website.

Where's my T-shirt?

The good news is that the T-shirts are all printed and were posted on Friday. Our thanks to Leeton5 Post Office for their help in dispatching them.

And please do not panic if your shirt has a different size label from the one that you ordered. The label may have changed but the dimensions6 remain the same. To ensure the T-shirts were ready in time, we changed supplier and matched up your order according to the corresponding shirt sizes7.

And some reminders:

Find out everything about The Lost Con on our website, including:

And, of course, our usual "more info" section:


1 From the not so subtle hints in our newsletters.

2 In the scorpion pit. There is a helpful sign on the wall: LEARN THE WORDS!

3 You can find out more about Tansy at her website.

4 With approval from Granny Weatherwax who has kindly not turned her into a toad.

5 Leeton is a small town in central New South Wales. The traditional guardians of the land are the Wiradjuri people.

6 Not the Dungeon Dimensions!

7 This is one of the surprises we promised you!