Secure your 7a sided dice today before they sell out!


Get the broom serviced, trim the goats’ hooves, because there are 

7A Sleeps To Go!

That's right postal employees,

Just 7A sleeps to go!

The great convention - Nullus Anxietas 7 - The Australian Discworld Convention - is almost upon us.


Hot dice, hot dies! Get them while they're hot!
The amazing 7a side dice are selling faster than rat-meat hot pies on a cold day. We do have a few boxes full, but we can’t promise to reserve you one, and it is quite possible that they will sell out by the end of the Convention. If you want 1, 2, or 7a, but they're all gone, then that will make us sad, and it's likely you’ll be sadder.
Buy online today, and rest easy knowing that your purchase of a 7a sided die is secure. (Or buy 7a of the 7a sided dice - don’t be shy, they’re sure to be collectors items!)

Just $7a each, but for you, because you are so lovely, just $5. Online now!

And for proof that you went to Nullus Anxietas 7, there’s nothing better than a lovely
“I Went Postal at NA7” T-Shirt”? Only $25 each - and that’s cutting me own throat!

Winter is coming!
So you'll want to grab your NA7 cup, and fill it with hot liquid to drink. Only $20 each. Or just use it for whatever. Or don't use it - maybe you feel it's too beautiful for anything other than looking at. We won't judge.


And above all, remember…
The Mail Must Move.