Surprise! Nullus Anxietas returns in 2021!


Thanks to all who attended Nullus Anxietas 7 and the Mantra Bell City in Preston, Victoria.

We had a wonderful time gallivanting through the Post Office with Postmaster General Moist von Lipwig, but it's time to seal that envelope, stamp it, and send it on its way...

And the next convention to receive this wonderful parcel will be - Surprise! -  in SYDNEY in JULY 2021 - with the theme of Ankh-Morpork: Citie of One Thousande Surprises!

If you'd like to follow this wonderful road[1] then Supporting Memberships can now be purchased in our shop. Full ticket details (including how to upgrade) will be revealed over the coming months, but if you would like to be kept informed as to when that happens, be sure to sign up to our newsletter, and join us over on Facebook and Twitter.

[1] the wrong way, of course, because all roads lead away from Ankh-Morpork