The Ineffable Plan for the Lost Convention


From: Lord Vetinari, The Oblong Office, Ankh-Morpork

Subject: The Australian Discworld Convention: The Lost Con, 3rd July 2021

Raiders of the Lost Con

The Lost Con: your virtual Discworld Convention

The Lost Con will be a virtual event, running on Saturday 3rd July. The almost definite times are from 4pm until midnight, Sydney time (AEST). We will be posting a schedule of events soon.

It is open (and free) to all attending and supporting members of Nullus Anxietas 7a, our 2022 convention. It's a chance for us all to catch up, meet a few guests and enjoy a few Terry Pratchett and Discworld related events.

If you don't have a supporting membership yet, you can buy one in our shop. Remember that this is also your deposit for attending membership at the non-virtual Discworld convention in Sydney next year, 8th to 10th April, 2022. Buy now and you can upgrade later at the Early Bird price. As our friend Moist Von Lipwig would say: "an opportunity not to be missed!".

Don't forget your costume!

We are running a Virtual Maskerade (costume and prop competition).

You have only one week left for you to put your entries in - the deadline is 12th June 2021. Your costume or prop can be as complicated or as easy as you can make it. Making a costume doesn't necessarily mean it has to be sewn, it could be pieces you have sourced to put together a character.

It doesn't have to be a newly made costume or prop - please just send in a photo of yourself in costume from a previous Discworld convention or event. All entries considered, even mimes1.

Entering is easy:

So put your name down. Otherwise there may be a few withering comments from Granny Weatherwax about "getting into the spirit of the thing"!

Granny Weatherwax can't be having with this

So who will be there?

Guest #4 is the team behind Good Omens the Musical

While I am sure most2 of you will have seen the TV series based on the novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman, you may not yet know that there is also a musical in development, and the team is based here in Australia! In 2013, Terry and Neil granted Australian-American husband and wife team Vicki Larnach and Jim Hare permission to adapt Good Omens into a musical. They were subsequently joined by Jay James-Moody.

Good Omens The Musical: Producers Jim Hare, Jay James-Moody, Vicki Larnarch

Jim Hare, Jay James-Moody and Vicki Larnarch

In May 2019, it was first performed on stage in Wollongong3 as a trial. For those of you who were not lucky enough to see it4, the good news is that it was filmed!

As part of our plan5 for the Lost Con, we have an interview with the team to talk about the musical. They have promised to share some clips from the show and perhaps a few catchy numbers. For the more impatient of you, if you go to the official website there is a sizzle reel.

Good Omens The Musical: Agnes Nutter burned at the stake while Aziraphale reads from a bookGood Omens The Musical: Adam Young reads magazinesGood Omens The Musical: Crowley disguised as a Nanny


CMOT Dibbler has asked us to thank everyone who ordered their Lost Con T-shirt before the deadline. He has already placed an order with the appropriate guild to sew the T-shirts6. After which they will be printed with our logo by our gifted artisan7, and then delivered to your door by the very best of golem postmen.

Lost Con T-ShirtLost Con T-Shirt

And some reminders:

Find out everything about The Lost Con on our website, including:

And, of course, our usual "more info" section:


1I have been getting the scorpions nice and hungry in anticipation.

2Has anyone not seen the TV series of Good Omens? It's very good.

3For those of you from outside the area, Wollongong is a city south of Sydney. The traditional guardians of the land are the Dharawal people.

4Naturally there were a bunch of Discworld fans there to support them.

5Our ineffable plan of course!

6This would be the Tailors' Guild, not the Seamstresses' Guild, just in case there is any misunderstanding.

7This probably means that the image is painted in reverse on Chalky the Troll's feet before he jumps up and down on the shirts.