The Lost Con is Nigh!


From: Lord Vetinari, The Oblong Office, Ankh-Morpork

Subject: The Australian Discworld Convention: The Lost Con, 3rd July 2021

Raiders of the Lost Con

The Lost Con: your virtual Discworld Convention

The Lost Con will be a virtual event, held NEXT WEEK on Saturday 3rd July. It is intended as an 8 hour taster for the non-virtual convention in Sydney next year. It will run from 4pm until midnight, Sydney time (AEST). You can find the (almost definitely final)1 schedule of events here.

It is open (and free) to all attending and supporting members of Nullus Anxietas 7a, our 2022 convention. It's a chance for us all to catch up, meet a few guests and enjoy a few Terry Pratchett and Discworld related events.

If you don't have a supporting membership yet, you can buy one in our shop. Remember that this is also your deposit for attending membership at the non-virtual Discworld convention in Sydney next year, 8th to 10th April, 2022. Buy now and you can upgrade later at the Early Bird price. As the Librarian of Unseen University would say, "OOOK!"3

Sydney lockdown

Although Sydney has gone into COVID lockdown, this is a virtual event and will be going ahead as planned. (That is a saving grace of a virtual event!) But with the production team scattered across the state, expect to hear a few extra "you're still muted" messages for your entertainment.

Zooming in to the Lost Con

We are using the Zoom platform for the event. We will email out the event details and pass code to all members after sending this newsletter - a couple of times as we know how these things get lost on the Internet.

If you are a member and have not received an email from us by Monday, 28th June please contact us here and select “The Lost Con” as the topic.5

Tune in to the radio play

Can you handle The Truth? Would trying to fit an entire Discworld novel into one hour cause a fracas? Or perhaps a rumpus? Join our intrepid team of investigative journalists as they attempt the (imp)possible and present an abridged radio play version of Terry Pratchett’s The Truth.

I have been assured that there is no risk that this will open up a crack in space time.6

The Truth radio play cast

The cast in virtual rehearsals

Maskerade judges

Our grateful thanks to all of you who have entered the Maskerade and stood up to the threatened invasion of mimes.7

So, "who are the judges?" you will no doubt be asking7a.

Joanne van RaaphorstKaren J CarlisleMarion AndersonStuart Hodge

Our compere for the event is Joanne van Raaphorst, who has been involved in Discworld conventions since 2011. She usually attends in costume as Lady Margolotta, but has also been Cheery Littlebottom, Sandra Battye - a real seamstress9, and an Interchangeable Emma.

Karen J Carlisle is also one of our guests, who first came to a Discworld convention in 2011 as Reacher Gilt’s marching girl. She has since been seen as Susan Sto-Helit and as Adora Belle Dearheart in Adelaide 2017. She has also been a member of the Australian Costumers' Guild 'since its conception in the 90's'.

Marion Anderson also first came to a Discworld convention in 2011, where she came with her very own swamp dragon as one of the interchangeable volunteers at the Sunshine Sanctuary for Sick Dragons.

Stuart Hodge has been coming to Discworld conventions since 2012. His creations include a very stylish gold suit, as Moist Von Lipwig.

Will you enter the Escape Room?10

We will be running a virtual Escape Room on the day, and there is still time to sign up. This will run alongside the main event.

Special offer from Karen J Carlisle

Karen has kindly made a special offer to any members who visit her online shop and buy any of her books over the weekend.

  • The first 10 purchasers will receive a Fey Tale sticker.
  • Use the secret code given out during Karen's interview during The Lost Con, and you will receive a signed, numbered bookplate.

As the Librarian of Unseen University would say, "OOOK!"3

Karen J Carlisle Special Offer (see body of newsletter)

All the Lost Con Links:

And, of course, our usual "more info" section:


1 Event times may still vary, given that "from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint, time is more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff."2

2 Doctor Who quote. But it should go down well with the Unseen University students.

3 "By Grabthar's hammer, what a bargain!"4 Or possibly "Can I have a banana please?".

4 Galaxy Quest quote. Another one for the Unseen University students.

5 In case we still have your old email address, your granny’s email address, or if it is just plain mis-spelled!

6 And we all know what happened when the late Mr. Hong opened his Three Jolly Luck Take-Away Fish Bar in Dagon Street during the lunar eclipse.

7 See my previous newsletter.

7a "And are they bribable?"

9 Hem hem.

10 And perhaps more importantly, will you ever leave it?