Time to strut your Discworld stuff


From: Lord Vetinari, The Oblong Office, Ankh-Morpork

Subject: The Australian Discworld Convention 2021 - 2nd to 4th July, Sydney

Show off your skills in the Maskerade and Prop competition

We are hoping that many of you will be encouraged to get into the spirit of the convention by coming in costume as a favourite character from the Discworld. Whether it be a humble witch, a cowardly wizard, an invading barbarian, a guard from the Watch or an honest citizen of Ankh-Morpork1, all are welcome.

Mr Shine. Him Diamond! (and 2019 Maskerade Prize Winner)The Luggage - 2019 Prop Competition Winner

The committee will once again be organising a Maskerade, where you can show off your fine costume and maybe tell us a little bit about it. For those of you with an urge to perform a little, there will also be the XXXXFactor talent quest. I am told there will be a gong - this is for the protection of the judges and audience! Folk singers will be required to give the long drawn out wail before commencing2.

Following on from its success at the 2019 Discworld Convention in Melbourne, the Prop Competition will make its return to Sydney. Inspired by Bloody Stupid Johnson, here's your chance to create, invent or steal3, any gadget, mechanical device, or other magical technology that can be (or could be) found on the Discworld. Note that in keeping with the spirit of BS Johnson, accurate drawings, correct dimensions and even common sense are purely optional4. Character related props will also be accepted.

Stay tuned for updates and how to enter - but for now, start planning your costumes, skits and props!

Badge Design Contest

The committee have acquired a rather fine badge making machine from the Street of Cunning Artificers - at a very good price6. They are keen to make good use of it (because it is shiny and exciting)! We will be selling a range of badges to commemorate the convention and to help raise money for our chosen charities.

So have you ever wanted to see your artwork as a round shiny thing? Well now's your chance! We are looking for some Ankh-Morpork or Discworld inspired art for one of our badges to sell as part of a set at the convention.

Contest Details:Makin' Badges

  • The badges are 7cm rounds - so, not too many small details - the Imps go cross eyed when making difficult images smaller.
  • You will be judged by a panel of the finest Guild members of the City.
  • What's in it for you? - the joy of seeing fellow attendees wearing YOUR art work - and a small bag of your creation to show off to family and friends, a commemorative framed print of your design and mention in dispatches7.
  • Closing date 1st October 2020
  • Submissions can be made through our website - this page also contains more details and terms and conditions.

Social Distancing

While the pandemic continues, it is important to maintain social distancing. Ankh-Morpork's Guilds have kindly offered some helpful hints on how to keep working despite this, starting with the Guild of Assassins.

Assassins social distancing

Note: if you are subject to a contract with the Guild, there is no safe social distance.

Don't forget your Supporting Membership

At the end of the last convention in Melbourne, 70 of you kindly bought a supporting membership for Sydney 2021. Remember that when you come to buy an attending membership, you only need to buy an upgrade. Visit our shop here for the upgrade.

Upgrade your ticket!

If you can't remember if you've bought a supporting membership, log in to your account and check your order history, or just contact us and ask!

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1 Honest citizens optional.

2 As a warning to innocent bystanders that folk music will be performed!

3 Steal? Well, this is Ankh-Morpork!

4 Major monuments (e.g. the Hanging Gardens of Ankh or the Colossus of Morpork) should fit into a small shoe box5

5 But NOT a shoe box designed by BS Johnson.

6 So Mr C.M.O.T. Dibbler assured them.

7 i.e. the Convention Book.