Events and Activities

We have a busy programme of events for you to enjoy at Nullus Anxietas 9 - there's so much to see and do that you can't do it all (unless you're a History Monk with a procrastinator). Check the timetable to find out when and where these events are on - some will be happening more than once - and remember if you have any questions: Go To Ops.

Remember these times:

  • Registration opens around 11am on Friday 12th July
  • Activities begin at noon on Friday 12th July, and run until midnight.
  • Saturday activities run from around 9am (or even earlier if you want to go to Parkrun!) and run until midnight.
  • If you missed out on tickets to the Gala Dinner, there will be other activities happening on Saturday evening: Murder on the Uberwald Express and A Night at the Clickies.
  • Sunday activities run from around 9am, with the Closing Ceremony wrapping up around 6pm.
  • After we've all packed up on the Sunday, there's the Unofficial Dead Monkey Party - basically, whoever's still around hangs around in the hotel bar and relaxes.

All sessions finish at 10 minutes to the hour, unless otherwise indicated on the schedule. This is to allow time for setting up the next session.

Signing up for limited sessions

Some sessions - specifically Klatches, Craft Workshops, the Escape Room, and Murder on the Überwald Express - require you to sign up in advance at Ops, as each session has limited numbers.

For Klatches, you can nominate for these chats with special guests by filling in the slips in your convention bag and dropping them in the appropriate box at Ops. Attendance for Klatches is chosen by random draw. The list of people selected will be posted at Ops and The Kennels about 1 hour before the session.

For Workshops and the Murder Mystery, signing up is first come, first served, via the signup sheets at Ops. However, please do not be too greedy in the number of sessions you sign up for!

For the Escape Room, private sessions can be booked for groups of 3 or 4 via signup sheets at Ops. If you miss out on a private session, please attend the public session on Sunday as you can still be part of the audience watching the game being played.

NOTE: If you have signed up for a Klatch/Workshop/etc and cannot attend - please let Ops know so your spot can be reassigned to someone else.

NOTE: Signups for these sessions are NOT available ahead of the convention itself - please don't ask! Just be sure to head to Ops after you have registered and received your membership badge, convention bag and convention book, and you can sign up for all the sessions you want to.

Event Descriptions

Events are listed alphabetically.

A Night At The Clickies

Relax and enjoy some Pratchett moving pictures on the small big screen.

All About Podcasts

Pratchat hosts Ben and Liz talk about the art and craft of making and recording a podcast.

Ask Me About Stamps

Release your inner Stanley Howler in this crafting session with Discworld Stamps. Sign up for this session at Ops.

Author Signing

Get your books signed by our author guests Tansy Rayner Roberts, Karen J Carlisle and Sally Jane Smith.

Author Speed Dating

Pratchett fans are big readers - so come along to hear author recommendations suggested by our community, in a fast-paced expounding of passion and verve.

Bat Rescue SA

Hear from volunteer organisation Bat Rescue SA - one of our charities - about their efforts to preserve the Fruit Bat colony that lives in Botanic Park near the Adelaide Zoo.

Bead a Pet Spider

Create your own beaded simulacrum of Anelosimus pratchetti in this hands on workshop. Sign up for this session at Ops.

Bedtime Stories

Put on your PJs and grab your teddy bear to listen to some readings from Pratchett's novels and stories.

Beginner Bats Orientation

First time at a Discworld Convention? Come along and find out what it's all about and get your questions answered.


Oook! Ooook! Oook! Ook! (Translation: Discover the amazing techniques of how to turn pages into an actual book.) Sign up for this session at Ops.

Chain Maille For Beginners

From dwarf fashion to a suit of armour, learn the basics for turning steel rings into jewellery and more. Sign up for this session at Ops.

Charity Auction

Bid on desirable collectibles and unique creations to raise money for our chosen charities - Bat Rescue SA and Writers SA. Don't forget the silent auction.

Closing Ceremony

As the end of the convention approaches, let's say thanks to all our guests, volunteers, committee and attendees.

Colin Smythe - Virtual Guest

Colin published Terry's first few books (starting in 1971) and was his agent for the rest of Terry's life. Colin joins us virtually from the UK.

Convention Iconography

Learn how to tame your imp and salamander and make the most of your iconographic device.

Crochet For Beginners

Learn to turn yurn, er, yarn into a pretty creation with just one hook. Sign up for this session at Ops.

Cross Stitch for Beginners

Learn the popular art of cross stitch and make your own bookmark. Sign up for this session at Ops.


Learn how to make and break ciphers and code like a true clacksman.

Deconstructing the Fantasy Hero

Tansy Rayner Roberts deconstructs the myth of the fantasy hero as they appear in Terry Pratchett's Discworld.

Discworld Tarot Readings

A light introduction to the Major cards by Mrs Cake's cousin Carry Wayseed. Definitely no witchery that Esme wouldn't approve of. (Not for kids) Sign up for this session at Ops.

Dragon-Scale Smocking

Igorina's guide to adding dragon scale to your outfit when you don't have access to actual dragon skin. Sign up for this session at Ops.

Dwarf Lantern Making

It's off to work we go (hiho singing optional). Create a lantern to take down the mines to light your way in the darkness. Sign up for this session at Ops.

En Garde! Learn Sword Fighting

Buckle your swashes and pick up a (foam) sword to fight the genteel way. Sign up for this session at Ops.

Escape Room: 'You Went Near the Castle'

You ignored the signs, and now you're trapped in a Vampire's castle. Can you solve the puzzles and escape? This escape room role-playing game can be booked in private sessions at Ops, or watch the public session on Sunday!

Feet of Clay

Take your shoes off, write letters on your feet and then team up with others to spell out some Discworld related words, fall over, and laugh a lot, in this fun convention game.

From Igors to Vampires

An interactive lecture exploring the 'danse macabre' of power, respect and rights in Terry Pratchett's Discworld.

Good Omens: The Musical - Virtual Guests

Vicki Larnach, Jim Hare, and Jay James Moody have been developing Good Omens: The Musical for many years. They join us virtually from Sydney to tell us about the project and its progress.

Igor'th Thcrapth Cardth

Make three Uberwald themed greeting cards, using a variety of images to assemble your own unique card. Sign up for this session at Ops.

Jackbox Games

The Gonnagles of the Feegles fight with their wits - now it's your turn! Join in for a session of popular Jackbox game Quiplash with our special Discworld prompt set. Being late night, things may get a Feegle shade of blue...

Juggling Workshop

The Guild of Fools, Clowns, and Joculators presents a workshop on how to get your balls tumbling through the air. Sign up for this session at Ops.

Karen J Carlisle - Interview

Karen is an author from Adelaide who writes Victorian mystery, steampunk, fantasy, and cosy(ish) murder mysteries.

Klatch - Terry Pratchett Scholarship

Want to know more about the Terry Pratchett Scholarship, or the research that Freyja Stokes did as a recipient? Sign up for this session at Ops (lucky draw).

Klatches with Special Guests

Join our special guests for a small intimate chat over a cuppa (BYO cuppa). Nominate for these sessions at Ops (chosen by lucky draw).

Lady Margolotta's Diplomatic Ball Gala Dinner

Lady Margolotta welcomes all diplomats and citizens for our traditional Gala Dinner. Dress up in your finest outfit (or costume) for a night to remember! This event requires a pre-purchased ticket.

Make A Dragon Egg

Don your leather apron, all potential Interchangeable Emmas. Craft a dragon egg supervised by Lady Ramkin. Sign up for this session at Ops.

Make-A-Monster Workshop

It'th ALIVE! Releathe your inner Igor and put together a new friend from thcrapth. Thign up for thith theththion at Opth.

Making Maps

Make your world ideas Come Alive! You've created your world, but what does it look like? A disc world? An orb world? A world of shadow? Sign up for this session at Ops.

Marc Burrows - Virtual Guest

Marc is the author of the unofficial biography The Magic of Terry Pratchett, which he has turned into a stage show. He joins us virtually from the UK.

Master Igor's Science Show

Master Igor educates and amazes with real-world science demonstrations.

Mr Bunnsy Has An Adventure

Hear the wondrous tale of Mr Bunnsy, a tea-loving waistcoat wearing rabbit. As featured in the book and movie The Amazing Maurice.

Murder on the Überwald Express

All aboard the Überwald Express! But danger lurks on this train… Take on the role of a passenger/suspect/investigator in this improvisational acting activity to solve a murder. Sign up for this session at Ops.

Nullus Continuous

Interested in the mechanics of the Con? Want to be involved in future events? Nullus Continuous is our ongoing lessons learned and continuous improvement session for future conventions.

Opening Ceremony

We welcome you to Uberwald (and the convention) in style, with added bats.


Join some of the convention attendees to walk down to Torrens Parkrun and do an invigorating 5 km walk/run before the Saturday events. Meet in the hotel foyer at 7.15am

Pratchat Podcast: Live!

Pratchatters Ben McKenzie and Elizabeth Flux discuss one of Terry Pratchett's books or short stories with a special guest!

Press Corpse Briefing

Do you take pictures or make clickies? Is Otto Chriek your kindred spirit? This session is for our volunteer photographers and videographers.

Professor Ian Stewart - Virtual Guest

Ian is a mathematician and author of science and science fiction. Together with Terry and Jack Cohen, he wrote four books in "The Science of Discworld" series. Ian joins us virtually from the UK.

Questions Down the Clacks

Special guest Pat Harkin talks about the weird and wonderful questions that Terry Pratchett would ring him about when researching for a new book.

Rachel and Jason Anthony-Rowlands - Virtual Guest

Jason and Rachel ran the popular email newsletter Discworld Monthly, now re-titled to Better Than A Poke In The Eye. They also now organise the Llamedos Holiday Camp. They join us virtually from the UK.

Reading Abroad

Tansy, Ben & Elizabeth discuss their reading adventures in and around the works of Terry Pratchett - which books and authors bring a new perspective to Discworld classics?

Rip-and-Tear Uberwald Landscape

Create an Uberwaldian landscape out of torn fabric scraps. No Igor skills needed for the basic landscape. Advanced Igors can add stitching later. Sign up for this session at Ops.

SQUEAK! Craft a Death of Rats

Learn how to sew a Grim Squeaker out of felt. Very basic Igor skills needed! Sign up for this session at Ops.

Steamkittens Costume Photography

Don your costumed finery for a cosplay photo shoot with Steamkittens.

Stephen Briggs - Virtual Guest

Stephen was the first person to adapt Discworld for the stage, and has collaborated with Terry on many projects including Discworld maps, diaries, companions and more. He joins us virtually from the UK.

Talking About Writing

Join authors Tansy Rayner Roberts, Karen J Carlisle and Sally Jane Smith as they talk about their writing process.

Tansy Rayner Roberts - Interview

Tansy is an author from Tasmania who writes fantasy, science fiction, romance, and (under the pseudonym Livia Day) cosy crime. She is also known for her essay collection "Pratchett's Women" and its followup "Pratchett's Men".

The Ineffable Con - Virtual Guest

The Ineffable Con run conventions, online parties and re-watches for fans of Good Omens by Sir Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Since 2019, they have raised over £40,000 for Alzheimer's Research UK.

The Legendary Quiz

Find a team and test your Pratchett and Discworld knowledge! Glory awaits! (Bragging rights only)

The Quest for The Quest For The Keys

Special Guests Pat and Jan Harkin talk about how a search for a long lost story of Terry's turned into the discovery of several more! These were published in A Stroke of the Pen in 2023.

The Terry Pratchett Scholarship

Terry Pratchett Scholarship awardee Freyja Stokes will talk about the UniSA scholarship, their research, and their experience at Trinity College Dublin.

The Überwald Maskerade ExtravOrganza

Shatta and Bububble Fashion Magazine present the Maskerade - competitions entered by you to show off your talents! The Costume Swish and Twirl, the Talent Quest, and the Prop Competition.

The Witches Board Game Exhibition Match

Watch Ben McKenzie commentate and discuss a play-through of the cooperative board game: The Witches.

The World of Role Playing Games

Discover the world of tabletop make-believe with role playing games from the well-known Dungeons and Dragons to others you may not have heard of.

Überwald: A History (Radio Play)

Enjoy a rollicking adventure through the history of Uberwald presented as a radio play by Sporadic Productions.

Volunteer and Security Briefing

Did you volunteer to be a gopher, or in the Watch? Come along and find out how it all works, and make sure you know when your shifts are.

Werewolf: The Game

Have a howling good time in this popular social deduction game for large groups. Don't know how to play? No worries, we'll throw you a bone.

What Duck?

Volunteer to guess your character in this Discworld version of Celebrity Head.

Witches Abroad Book Discussion

A brief visit to "forn parts" where Ella must not marry the prince and don't no-one mention pumpkins. Sign up for this session at Ops.

World Building Basics

Dying to create a world for a story or homebrew role-playing game? What makes it tick? Find out how to stitch it together so you can create a unique world for your stories and role-playing games.


A Discworld game show where we pit audience volunteers against a panel of your favourite characters.

Writers SA

Hear from volunteer organisation Writers SA – one of our charities - about the work they do to create connections and opportunities to support writers at all stages.