sTAMPS Maskerade Spektacular


Greetings all Citizens of Ankh-Morpork!

"Neither rain nor snow nor glom of nit can stay messengers about their duty" and it is with this in mind, the Postmaster of the Ankh-Morpork Post Office would like to invite you all to Hob Knob it with society's best stamp1 enthusiasts at high society's events of the year!

The Ankh-Morpork Philatelick Society Maskerade Spektacular! (or sTAMPS2 Maskerade Spektacular!)

Do you consider yourself envelope worthy? Do you just love the idea of the back of your head being licked by strangers? (mmmm...tastes like cabbage!)

You could become the next face on a stamp by showing us your best covers.

We will be looking for best Costume in the Maskerade as well as best Performance in the XXXX Factor.  Yes folks! Two separate events under the one roof.3  But wait...there's more!4  

As perhaps a one off famous cover event, as never before seen on the Disc, prop making goes unrewarded no longer!

As a separate competition, props and gadgets, will now be singled out and judged on unique interpretation5, skill and entertainment value. Inventions inspired rightly, or indeed, wrongly by Stupid Bloody Johnson also invited to be shown!

Limited only by your imagination, skill and practicality of getting it to the con, now's the chance to show us all what you, or it, is made of.

All you need to do to be part of the sTAMPS Maskerade Spektacular is read the Rules and Guidelines, then fill out and submit the Maskerade Entrant Forms.

To enter your Prop/Gadget read the Rules and Regulations, then fill out and submit the Entrant Forms.

Be there or be..that thing with four straight equal sides joined at corners...umm.

Pins are so..."Century of the Fruitbat"!

2 See what we did there? C'mon it was worth a giggle

3 The post office roof is intact after the great fire with the help of  the Golem Trust and $150,000 from the great Offler.

No steak knives, they are also so..."Century of the Fruitbat"!

5 It's the Discworld or No World