Quiz Long and Prosper 2019


Get all the references? Then you've got a great chance of winning...

Test your knowledge on all things Science Fiction and Fantasy - books, movies, TV, comics, games and more!

A dragon's hoard of prizes including best costume!

19th October 2019, 7pm for 7.30pm

Clarence Gardens Bowling Club (click for map)
Winona Ave, Clarence Gardens

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Bookings essential. Bring your own nibbles, purchase drinks at the bar (cash only)

Part proceeds of the quiz night will be donated to the Cancer Council Relay For Life - Team Magic: The Staggering

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you classify as Science Fiction and Fantasy?

Well, pretty much anything that comes under that generally accepted banner would qualify here. So things like Star Wars, Star Trek, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Discworld, Wheel of Time, Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones, Firefly, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Supernatural, Stranger Things, The Expanse, and more.

Don't be surprised if we also cover urban fantasy and supernatural (vampire/werewolf/magic) style books, TV shows and movies as well.

The questions are going to be very obscure, aren't they? We won't be able to answer them!

We are trying to be somewhat friendly with our questions - it will generally be something memorable or well known about the source material. The following guidelines will apply:

  • If you've read/seen the referenced source, you'll definitely know the answer
  • If you've heard of the referenced source, you might know the answer
  • If you've never heard of it, you probably won't know the answer - so guess, or write something funny!

But don't forget, there's going to be seven other people on your table who can help you out!

All that being said, there may be a few challenging questions thrown in throughout the night as well.

Here's a few sample questions from previous years:

Round Question
Starstruck In Star Trek, what would a blue-shirted uniform signify?
Monsters and Aliens What three supernatural creatures are the main characters in Being Human?
Munchkinland What does Coraline's other mother want to replace her eyes with?
Location, Location, Location In what video game can you visit the city of Orgrimmar?
Sequels and Spinoffs In Stargate Atlantis, what galaxy is Atlantis located in?
Colour By Number In The Matrix, what colour pill does Neo take to escape the illusion world and enter the real world?
Leading Ladies In Frozen, Elsa is queen of what kingdom?
Vintage Who is credited as the inventor of Dungeons and Dragons?

Click here for answers!

How do I book and pay for a table or individual tickets?

Click here to get your tickets! We are selling them through TryBooking.

What if I can't get enough people together for a table?

You can also book individual tickets (including several at once), and we'll seat all of you together, but you may end up sharing a table with strangers on the night. Hopefully by the end of the quiz you will have made some new friends!

Can I please squeeze a 9th person on my table?

Sorry, but due to the space available in the bowling club, and the fact that it's unfair to other tables who have 8 or less people, we can't allow a table with more than 8 people. If you have a friend or two beyond the table size, they can book individual tickets and we'll make sure there's a seat for them with some potential new friends!

Can I bring food? What about soft drinks or alcohol?

You can bring along your own food (nibbles) for your table to share.

You can't bring in any soft drinks or alcohol, due to the liquor license at the venue. However, there will be a bar where you can buy drinks (alcoholic and soft) at reasonable prices, thanks to the Clarence Gardens Bowling Club. Cash only please, the club does not have EFTPOS facilities.

Can I wear a costume? Is it compulsory?

You may wear a Science Fiction/Fantasy themed costume if you want to - we'll hold a "parade" during the quiz and the best costume (as voted by our judges) will go home with a prize!

However, costumes are not compulsory, just encouraged :D

So who is donating your dragon's hoard of prizes?

The prizes for our 2019 quiz night are donated by:

So who are you guys anyway?

The City of Small Gods Terry Pratchett Fan Club is a group of Terry Pratchett / Discworld fans in Adelaide who meet on a regular basis for fun activities. We ran the 2017 Australian Discworld Convention which was a huge success. Many of us are also involved in the next convention, which will be held in Sydney in July 2021.

Some comments from our attendees of previous quizzes:

  • "Questions and rounds were really interesting and well thought out. Organization was clean and event well-paced."
  • "Really enjoyed the Harry Potter/Game of Thrones/Doctor Who game! Thank you for a really great fun night!"
  • "Everything kept moving very well - it was well organised and fun."
  • "I liked the 'guess the explosion' round, very fun."
  • "Best atmosphere! A great variety of games, prizes and questions."
  • "Loved the chance to dress up in costume and share a fun night with people who enjoy sci-fi/fantasy as much as I do. By yourself or with a group of friends, I think everyone had a great evening."
  • "Best ever spin on the tired heads or tails!"
  • "It was so good, we enjoyed nearly losing :-)"
  • "Really good cross section of questions from books, TV, movies, comics and video games. Everybody would have been able to contribute to the answers."
  • "The quiz is always great, good atmosphere, good questions and exceptionally well run."
  • "The amount of work that has obviously been put into this quiz night is astounding and it makes it an event that is always worth attending :-) "
  • "Best thing - the atmosphere - you just can't plan that but the overall friendliness and happiness just filled up the room completely! In some "nerd/geek" convention type places there's the rivallry and levels of geek that pigeonhole everyone, but this was truly an open, welcoming night of geek fun and everyone at our table loved it!"